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  1. Trade K. Curtis for W. Parker

    You can't call a guy a #3 receiver if he is #12th in WR points... I understand your point for depth chart, but Bruce has turf toe... and we all know how long that will linger...Holt is injured...You can't call a guy a #3 WR when injuries determine where they are currently on the depth chart.... Right now Curtis is a low #1 or a high #2
  2. Which WR to pick up? FA advice!

    I added A-Zahir Hakim last week and boy did it pay off!!! If horn is back I would say Chatman.... Chatman will be the best suited for long term....
  3. what do you think about this offer?

    I would go for it... but it is a little risky because of Taylor's historical injury status
  4. Trade K. Curtis for W. Parker

    I was offered Parker... I think it is a no brainer... and Curtis is 12th in WR points .... Not a #3 WR
  5. Bobby Engram

    Engram was a great option before his injury.... He didn't score any TD's but was Haselbacks 2nd option to Jackson....
  6. My RB's are E. James, K. Jones, C. Benson, C. Perry...T. Fisher is availble in FA...My WR's are D. Driver, T.J. Houshamazdah, D. Mason, A-Zahir Hakim and K. Curtis.... Should I make the trade for Parker? I know Bruce will be back soon... and Edge is on a bye....
  7. Isaac Bruce

    You think it would be a good time to trade Curtis for W. Parker???
  8. I would place Ferguson in the linup other than Curtis with a backup QB
  9. Who to start at RB

    Should I start C. Perry, who has been getting rushes by the goal line or a questionable Kevin Jones?
  10. Can Anyone Convince me to Start CPepp

    I don't know.... Maybe Culpepper relieved a little stress on the Love Boat this week...
  11. Lewis vs Cleveland or Portis vs KC?

    I am going to go against everyone else and say the KC defense is horrible and I would start Portis.... Lewis has been nothing but a disappointment this year and is playing against a Romeo Crennell Defense that can stop the run if a team is one dimensional....(Baltimore)
  12. Should I start Dillon that is questionable with a ankle injury or Do I start M. Anderson?
  13. Pick a WR !

    Go with Curtis against Indy.... Bruce is out and Holt said he will only be 60% if he plays
  14. Where Can I find updated injury information??? I have to have my starting lineup set by 12:00 ET.
  15. Trade

    Curtis has been a great receiver for me since I. Bruce is out, but his production might take a hit when Bruce returns.... I would check the status on when Bruce is due to return... One thing... Turf Toe always lingures even after the player is supposively healed.... I would probably keep Curtis because Mason doesn't score TD's