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  1. Chad vs. Houshmanzadeh

    Me too, I prefer housh for the price.
  2. Golf

    Look for local used shops, most will fit clubs and save you a few bucks, yellow pages are good. I got a set of used pings fitted for $400. I would start off with a group lesson for beginners (all in same boat). Pick up a few pointers, practice on your own at the driving range, come back for further lessons. Someone above said that getting good takes time, very true, I don't dedicate the time, but enjoy the sport. Something to keep in mind is that you can be a decent golfer if you practice chipping and more importantly putting. Most people hardly work on this, but it is where the most strokes are given up or made up!!! I am 35 and have been playing since I was 12 and am finally realizing this.
  3. Prayers Needed

    Same here, we maybe "Perfect Strangers", but I will miss Tommy. I know Trey will do a good job, but man those are nice words written about him. At 35 I haven't done nearly as much in my life...
  4. What he said! I am interested, as I have never played in an IDP before
  5. Would you do this trade?

    PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (WR/RB), 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF/ST My starters: E. Manning/J. Cutler B. Jacobs/FWP Housh/Driver/Glenn - Bench Furrey/Chambers/Engram/Curtis/Jurevicious Heap Kicker who cares Chicago or San Diego He is thin at WR and I was hoping to capitalize on the lack of news for Williams (Davis) and KJ, a bit of gamble on my part, but worth it? Dynasty league and the loss of Tiki is hurting me along with no first round rookie picks
  6. I need help at RB and can afford to give up WR. What do you all think?
  7. I am trying to work out a deal and I have Chambers, who I think is in for a better year. The other guy thinks Norwood is equal or better than Chambers, but I think Norwood is a project and a year or two off. Any thoughts?
  8. I did a quick search online and haven't found anything I like at a reasonable price ~40 or less. Anyone done this and have advice or a website?
  9. Special play

    Doesn't matter as this was an illegal play (Jets-Colts). Someone fumbled the ball and therefore it cannot be advanced by anyone other than the fumbler and another Jets player picked it up advanced then lateralled, should have been end of play.
  10. Am I the only guy starting Ron Dayne in week 4?

    Dynasty league bye week issues for me and my only two choices to start 2 RB's are Mack Strong Ron Dayne I don't hate this since I am playing the weakest team in my 12 team league with each team having 25 roster spots and 5 IR's
  11. Reggie Waynes brother dies in car crash

    My prays are with the Wayne family. I know that being a part of a Dungy coached team, there will be plenty of support for Reggie. Makes me proud to be a homer in this case as it seem the organization understands there is a more important calling outside of football.
  12. Chester Taylor, Frank Gore, or Corey Dillon

    Gore for sure! I think he is the best of the 3 right now.
  13. Coles vs Branch

    Agree with Vet, wait if you can....
  14. WDIS at RB2 and WR1

    Since no one had any input, I assume my lineup looks fine
  15. WDIS at RB2 and WR1

    This is what I am leaning toward right now. Do I need to make any changes? QB K. Warner (ARI-QB) RB W. Dunn (ATL-RB) RB S. Jackson (STL-RB) WR A. Boldin (ARI-WR) WR C. Johnson (CIN-WR) TE J. Shockey (NYG-TE) Bench D. Williams (CAR-RB) Bench C. Dillon (NE-RB) Bench K. Johnson (CAR-WR) Bench B. Leftwich (JAC-QB) Bench M. Bell (DEN-RB) Thanks