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  1. I am in somewhat of a bind. I had Portis until he was placed on IR. I am looking for a waiver wire pickup and the pickings are slim. I currently have: Westbrook Gore A Thomas - initial pickup for Portis Barlow Corey Dillon was dropped for Betts while I was out of town and Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs are also available - should I pick any of these guys up? We have set roster spots, have to carry 4 RB etc. Performance scoring + 1 pt / reception. I was leaning toward dropping Barlow in favor of Dillon. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Who Should I Pick Up?

    Who do you have on your team?? Gore, then Deuce. Depending on who else you have take both.
  3. big WR WDIS

    I like Mike Furrey to have a big game this week.
  4. I have been offered the following trade: I give Eli Manning and TO for JP Losman and Chad Johnson I declined and countered with Pennington and B Edwards for McNair and CJ He is in a real need for a QB - Green got hurt and those are his other 2 QB's. I was looking to possibly upgrade at WR. Our rosters have specific slots - 3 QB 4 RB 4 WR 2 TE 2 Kicker 2 Def / ST - please don't reply with any why are you carrying 2 defense posts. I think CJ will come back to have a good year, but don't know if giving him 2 starters for a scrub QB and a slight upgrade at WR is going to help me. ***This is the league commissioner who has placed 1 or 2 every year for the past 10 years in both of our leagues - my point being that I wouldn't necessarily want to help him out. In my opinion I have a good team - see sig - and don't need to make the trade in any form. I was trying to unload my #3 QB for a better WR. Is it worth pursuing more at this point for CJ, or should I just drop it altogether? Thanks.
  5. Bye and injuries WDIS RB2?

    Headaches - when has this happened in KJ's career? Are you speculating that there is more of an injury than has been talked about in Detroit? Anyway - I would never play 2 RB's from the same team with a few exceptions. For a couple of years you could have played Priest and LJ. You might get away with playing LT2 and Turner this week. I really don't like playing the backup to your starter if at all possible. If you are trying to say you don't think KJ will play, then you are stuck unless someone is available on the WW or last minute trades are allowed in your league. Basically you are hoping to get 2 full games production out of 2 players that are splitting time. Best case scenario for you is the Benson plays every 3rd series. Which means he will be "stealing" 1/3 of the RB touches and or TD's available in the game. Just my 2 cents.
  6. WDIS - Turner or Gore?

    I always play a starter over a backup. I have Gore in my second league, but will play Westbrook and Portis. One thing to keep in mind is that Gore is also a major part of the passing game. He may not tear it up on the ground this week, but he could have 8 to 10 catches for decent yardage. I expect combined yardage to again be around 100 or so for Gore, with the possibility of a TD. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Should I drop Derrick Mason and pick up Braylon Edwards? This is my 2nd league team. WR on team are Chad Johnson Derrick Mason Javon Walker Marques Colston I was pretty high on Mason coming into the year, being reunited with McNair could have been a great thing - and still could. I think that Edwards has big upside, and is getting better each week. Is there any reason I shouldn't make the transaction?
  8. Commisioner Advice

    There seems to be a lot of these types of questions every year. In my opinion your role as commissioner is to enforce the rules of the league. Unless there is a rule stating that trades must be equal value for equal value by position, then you can't reject a trade like this. Trades are made to try and better YOUR team. Someone usually gets the better end of a trade. Ask yourself this question - did it improve both teams at 1 of the positions traded? If the answer is no, then you may have to consult others. If the answer is yes, even slightly, then do nothing but approve. If a trade is totally rediculous - ask a couple of other owners in the league for input if you need it. My commissioner asked for my input 2 years ago when it was 1 week before the playoffs and an owner tried to trade Edgerrin James away to his friend for Ron Dayne. Obviously this was collusion and rejected after he consulted with me and 2 other owners. Another consideration is if this is a keeper league. I know friends who will make trades to get rid of players that they can't keep for players that they can keep. I would allow it.
  9. Our rosters are set as follows: 3 QB 4 RB 4 WR 2 TE 2 Kicker 2 Def / ST In order to pick up a WR I have to drop a WR. I have never been in a league where rosters are unlimited by position - it seems to make RB's that much more valuable. I would much rather drop my second kicker or defense, but that is not an option. That was why I asked specifically about dropping Mason. I don't think that Mason is going to be better than a bye week fill in this year, and Edwards is the goto WR in Cleveland. Thanks.
  10. I am currently starting Palmer, but am considering Eli Manning. I like the fact that Pittsburgh plays the run so well, Palmer should have a good game. Unless it is a time of posession struggle and both teams try to grind it out on the ground. Manning has Seattle and I think he might have a good game. Any thoughts?
  11. In my second league I have abit of a dilemma in that I have 3 good RB's and need to start 2 of them. I will start Gore - so really it is pick 1 of the other 2 - Portis or Weswtbrook. 1 pt / 10 yds rush 1 pt / 10 yds rec 6 pts for rucj / rec TD's 1 pt per rec I am leaning toward starting Portis, because of Westbrook's leg. Westbrook is a great option due to the ppr - he is usually good for 5 rec / 50 yds. Thanks.
  12. Looks like Westbrook is the man. Thanks.
  13. Here is another one for my "other" league. I had Green and put him on IR. I started Pennington last week and am pretty happy with his play so far. I am leaning toward Carr. He is playing a pretty poor pass defense in Washington, and should have a good game. I don't like Coles not playing and think that Pennington will is due to have a bad game soon - plus Buffalo looks to have a good pass defense.. Smith is my 3rd QB only because we have to carry 3 - maybe he will light it up. The wild card here is that Grossman is available on the ww - I can't believe I am even thinking about it. Thanks.
  14. WDIS - QB Pennington, Carr, or Smith

    Thanks - that was my thinking also.
  15. what wide receivers should i start need 2

    I would go definitely with Bryant, as far as a second player - I have always liked Andre Johnson. Noe that he has another receiver there he should have some better numbers. I would go with Bryant and Johnson.
  16. Stupid trade?

    In my second league I have been back and forth with another owner who is trying to trade Brees to me. My team Pennington, Carr, Smith Portis, Westbrook, Gore, Duckett His team Hasselbeck, Warner, Brees R Johnson, Barlow, Fr Taylor, Maroney I offered the above trade. My thinking is that Brees will solidify my QB situation, and Portis has done nothing this year and is a big hit away from being out long term. Not that F Taylor is that much better, but he is at least playing well right now. Is this worth it for me? Am I giving up too much? Should I pull back the trade offer? Thanks
  17. Do I dare drop Trent Green...

    I was lucky in that we get an extra roster spot for an injured reserve. It was from a few yeasr ago when we were going to do a keeper league, but never updated Fanball. We voted to keep the IR spot. I put Green on the IR and picked up Pennington. I like Grossman due to the fact that they have a good O Line and a great defense. There is no pressue on him to put up big numbers and it looks like he is finally reaching his potential. Green is not going to come back and play great this year. That was the worst hit in quite some time - he will be lucky not to end his career like Aikman and Young. I would do it.
  18. Big Trade ?

    If you can get a stud like LT, do it. I am leary of giving up your stud WR, but it should at the very least be a wash overall. From what I have been seeing Reggie Williams will be the man, so I like his upside. Keep in mind that Westbrook is an injury waiting to happen. I don't like to think about that sort of thing, but the guy that seems to have RB injuries every year - scouring the waiver wire in week 13 is not the best plan for your RB's. If you get a solid every week starter, especcially LT you have to do it.
  19. Offer on table

    I like the trade for you, but it is questionable whether it will better your team overall. I think KJ has great potential this year and should break out, but if he doesn't then it is a wash. Sometimes trades like this can make or break your season. I personally would make the trade.
  20. Am I Nuts?

    We have a rule in our league that if the commissioner thinks that a trade is either to lopsided, or if someone protests a trade then it is held for review. Basically in this situation the owners would have to state their reason for the trade. Last year I questioned a trade before game 1 becaue it was so lopsided. The owner that was giving up the farm said that he didn't draft the team and was unhappy with our group choices for him - he couldn't make the draft and we all took turns picking for him. We let it go based on his justification. I have also had the commisioner call me and ask my opinion about a trade or 2. Each time I said that it did heavily favor 1 team, but because it was the middle of the year let it go. If it is the next to the last week and the last place team trades Shaun Alexander for TJ Duckett, then you know something is up. I guess my point is that you as the commisioner ultimately have the final say, but maybe you should have consulted either the forums here, or 1 or 2 other owners from your league. I think you are doing the right thing by offering to approve the trade now. Good luck
  21. Trade Advice?

    The way I see it you get a better RB and for now the better WR. I would do it.
  22. My team is as follows Pennington, Carr, Smith Portis, Westbrook, Gore, Duckett Chad Johnson, Walker, Mason, Michael Clayton Crumpler, Franks Akers, Wilkins Carolina, Philadelphia Roster spots are fixed - see sig for starters. I was offered Brees & Kennison for Pennington & Mason. Do I accept this trade? I think Brees will be better than Pennington (who was my injury replacement for Trent Green), but I think Kennison and Mason are a wash at best. I was pretty high on Mason coming into the year, but now an unsure. He has Hasselbeck / Warner / Brees - Moss / Kennison / Burleson / Stallworth. Am I in panic mode here? Do I need to quit considering any trades or should I look to upgrade my QB with either Brees or Warner? I am not sure why he is set on Mason being the WR he gets, but in my opinion he is expendable from my team. I am just a little hesitant to let Pennington go for Brees. Grossman is available via the ww - as well as Colston and Cotchery. I am not too big on Kennison, so maybe I would pick up of of these 2 instead. Any thoughts are appreciated. I just don't know if Brees for Pennington is a good deal, and throwing in Mason may not be the best idea either. I would rather drop Mi Clayton for one of these 2 WR. Sorry for the long post - Thanks.
  23. I have 2 teams in 2 different leagues - both run by the same commisioner. I listed my team in question in the post, but the starting slots are in my sig - 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Kicker 1 Def / ST. Thanks - I just figured out why he is looking to make the deal - I think 2 of his receivers have a bye this week. I was panicking a little whith the thought of Carr as my main backup, but hopefuly it will be for a bye week fill in. I waited to get a QB and then he got hurt - just my kind of luck.
  24. Dunn for Edge?

    I agree - Edge has the benefit of having 3 stud receivers and decent QB's to throw the ball. Plus he is getting the carries. With Dunn it seems like Norwood wil get more acrries as the year progesses, and with Vick being a running QB defenses will begin to stck the line more to stop the run. I like edge here.
  25. BUMP - any help is appreciated. This guy and I have been back and forth on who we want and I would like some opinions on whether to pull the trigger or not. Thanks