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  1. Trading Picks Advice Please

    As big a fan I am for LT, I'd jump all over this. You'd be an entire round ahead of everyone else, and that gives you tons of options.
  2. Draft Software

    You can find a good one if you google "draft dominator", but my favorite is a #2 pencil and a piece of paper, along with countless hours of research and numerous mock drafts.
  3. Pick one

    Who are the best WR's available?
  4. Advice on info

    You can find targetted pass stats at http://www.footballdiehards.com/playerstats/Targets.cfm This will show you how many times every player was thrown to, and how many they caught. I've seen 3rd down stats somewhere, but I can't remember at the moment where I saw it, sorry.
  5. Keeper (3 Years)

    Do not overthink this. Take LT.
  6. blockbuster keeper trade?

    Make the deal. VY is a sure bench player for you, as long as you have Peyton. Sure, VY may do well in 2007 and be worth a bit more than he is now, but with 5 keepers, I would prefer they all be weekly starters for my FF team. Plus, I think you are getting the better of the deal anyways. And that 2008 1st rd pick will be very nice.
  7. ROUND 3 WRs

    I like Jason Hill. The WR corps in front of him is less than stellar, with an oft-injured DJax, an inconsistent Ashley Lelie, and an underachieving Arnaz Battle. Hill may see the field a decent amount in 2007, and should come into his own in 2008.
  8. Immediate Help Needed

    This is gonna sound weird, but I think you should consider taking Bell and Norwood. I think Bell starts off as the main man in DET, then KJ comes back after week 6. By that time, Bell is either gonna be entrenched as a starter, or is gonna be thrown to the curb. But, with KJ likely on the PUP, Bell should post some nice games to start the season. I think Dunn/Norwood start the season as a RBBC, then transition to more carries in favor of Norwood as the season goes on. I like combos where one will start good, and one will finish good. These 2 fit that mold.
  9. Which running back tandem is best

    If no PPR - SA If PPR - SA
  10. I've got the no. 3 spot in a work league (16 deep)

    If you don't want LJ, simply approach whoever owns the slot you'd prefer and offer a trade. It's even possible the guys with slots 6, 7, or 8 will swap 4th round picks to move up.
  11. Vick

    ATL has run against a stacked line since Vick got to ATL in 2001. Do you really think defenses aren't crowding the LOS on every play? My disagreement is that someone said to downgrade the ATL RB's. I see no reason to do that, with or without Vick.
  12. Vick

    My point was wasn't that Dunn and Norwood were studs. I was simply questioning why you've decided to downgrade them. If Vick plays, they remain the same, right? If he doesn't, shouldn't they become more important to the team? The way I see it, at worst they remain the same as last year. It's not like ATL is gonna become a passing phenom without Vick.
  13. Need Trade Advice

    Big Country made a good point a few posts earlier. How you approach the other owner may help you out quite a bit. I know it is bad FF protocol to make the other guy offer up the first trade when you approach him, but maybe you can send an e-mail like this... Hey, I'm getting the itch as the season nears. Should be an interesting season with all the stuff that's happened this off-season (this remark may get him more nervous about Vick, as he already should be). How do you feel about your squad this year? Do you see anyone on my team that interests you? Perhaps we can talk trade. Let me know if you see anything you like. You don't want to tip your hat that you value Lee Evans, or any player for that matter. Let him make the first offer, as this will let you guage his value of his/your players. For all you know, he may be happy as can be with his QB situation, or he can be worried sick.
  14. Going Keeper

    Big John hit on the most important thing. If you are switching to a keeper league, a complete redraft is a must! Otherwise, the teams that drafted for a nice all-around team get hosed, and the guys who did whatever it took to get a few studs will benefit. If you don't do a complete redraft, I would love to be a guy who had this 17-player team: QB - Peyton Manning, some dead guy RB - LaDainian Tomlinson, Steven Jackson, 3 dead guys WR - 6 dead guys TE - 2 dead guys K - any amputee D - heck, give me the CLE D
  15. Keeper Help - Need to keep 3

    People saying that the scoring for QB's doesn't make a difference are not thinking it through. True, they all score the same, but the more friendly the QB scoring is, the farther away the top ones will be from the rest of the pack. This goes the same for all positions. I'll give an extreme example, to show what I mean... For all positions, scoring is: 1pt per TD 1pt per 1000 yards rushing 1pt per 1 yard receiving 1pt per 1 yard passing Yes, call me an overexaggerater, but it makes a point. Would a RB even be drafted in the first few rounds in this format? Well, perhaps Westbrook and Bush would make it. In your scoring format, WR's are devalued, and QB's should be given extra consideration. I'd love the value of Bulger/Kitna in your league.