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  1. Where did you propose?

    In front of Niagra Falls, Canada side ' eh
  2. drink shots

    1/2 Jack Daniel's 1/2 Apple Pucker It can kick your butt after a couple and the girls still go for it once you say it has Apple Pucker in it
  3. Are they obligated......

    well.................. After about 15 minutes of wondering if another drink would come, our waiter in fact DID bring me another drink on the house and told me "be careful with this one"......... Both my wife and I thought it was a very kind thing to do, and we would not have been an ounce mad if they didn't. I added 5 bucks to his tip at the end of the meal BigMike
  4. Are they obligated......

    Last night my wife and I went to a delicious Mexican restaurant in NYC before seeing Les Miserables on Broadway. So for my first drink of the night, the waiter suggests a margarita.........After taking my first sip of my drink (top notch I must add), I set it down and the whole entire thing spills all over my lap. After using 6 cloth napkins to clean it up, the waiter asks me if I need anymore napkins. I tell him "no, I'm all set" and he takes away the empty glass...... After about 10 minutes of no new drink, my wife and I then begin to chat, wondering "Is he going to bring me other one?" or "Is it my fault for being an idiot for spilling it?" *The tables were homemade and the tiles on the table were uneven. When I set it down on our table, it caught the end of the tile and fell SO: Am I obligated to get a replacement drink for free? or should I have to cough up another $8 bucks for a NYC margarita? I will letcha know what he did/did not do after I'm done mowing the lawn
  5. Is it rude to?...

    OK, so it was 6 AM this morning and I stopped and got some gas before work. I filled up my little Accent for 30 bucks and went in to pay with cash. The line was about 7 people deep who were all buying items or paying with a credit card. I have just filled my car with gas to an even $30.00 and I have the exact amount in my hand. I figured instead of waiting in line for 15 minutes, I'll step between the first and second person in line, place my $30.00 on the counter and annouce to the cashier "Pump #3, have a great day"...... .......well, I have never pissed off more people in my life. The last 5 people in line began to roll their eyes, mumble under their breath and make comments like "You special or something?" and "Wait like the rest of us"..... I honestly dont think it's rude what I did, but I dont think I will do it ever again because of the response it recieved. Was I rude or is what I did acceptable? or maybe both? BigMike
  6. In tomorrow's 2 hour long presentation for my Master's class (EDU 569 - Abnormal Psychology), a portion of my 2 hours will focus on the Media's role in eating disorders. I will be including: Magazines Television Shows Movies Models/Ads Children's Toys (Barbie) Diet Craze I will be bringing in a video as well as bringing in some of the above mentioned items to show to the class the role that our wonderful media plays in portraying the impossible yet "perfect" bodies that we should all strive for. Any other portions I should include? BigMike
  7. What's your favorite word?

  8. The perfect thread

  9. What is the best movie you have seen on your HDTV?

    King Kong - There is no comparison
  10. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    Any room?
  11. I just....

    Been married 4 days, so far so good
  12. I just....

    I believe I came in LAST in Empire
  13. I just....

    I teach, so I am not taking any time off. We are going on our honemoon to Mexico in the middle of August
  14. I just....

    I got married this weekend fellas! If any of you are Southern New Yorkers, I got married at the Poughkeepsie Grand and we had a beautiful day! BigMike