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  1. Stump The Menudo

    who won "the bet"?
  2. do you remember ....

    montana....then rice......then sharpe then proceeded to trade them for aikman, irvin, and novacek. seemed like a good idea at the time. i was 11 and the cowboys looked good. diont really understand the ff concept.
  3. Who's Bandwagon will you climb aboard?

    saints chiefs i also think iot would be pretty sweet to see mangini beat bellicheck again. would they hug, or just shake hands?
  4. The Super Bowl matchup

    a baltimore vs chicago superbowl would be a fun one as well
  5. Bengals

    ask theeohiostate who really posted this message. should have never let him borrow the laptop.
  6. Bengals

    your homer glasses are getting thicker and thicker
  7. wdis

  8. QB help request

    i think campbell will suprise some people today.
  9. wdis

    anyone else?
  10. WDIS? RB Help

  11. WDIS at TE

    wiggins. i would rather have ahealthy guy playing than a guy who's better but may put up a goose egg because of his stupid ass coach and his love of the injury reports
  12. Feedback on WRs

    jennings banged up. go hend and stall
  13. WDIS

    take a chance on utecht. i would start anyone i could on mnf
  14. Addai or Benson?

    no way we can stop addai. we cant stop any rbs
  15. wdis