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  1. Edgerrin James

    I like him to exceed general expectations this year. I am just curious as to who else you have a shot at. I'd generally go younger or for upside in a keeper.
  2. Lee Evans?

    I like him, but be careful because I am a Bills fan. (sad, I know) He's also typically streaky. Bu this year I kind of see him like a "Driver-like" role. He's a talented #1 WR in a struggling offense, but the QB relies on him enough to throw his way 10+ times per game. There is a lot of unknown, because this is a sink/swim year for Lossman, and then you also have a talented rookie RB in Lynch, who could either flounder (as many do) or become an immediate threat that Ds have to focus on. You can count on the Bills throwing alot lategame, which is a fantasy plus for WRs. To be honest, what I am considering is letting someone else draft him and then trade for him. He has a tough early schedule.
  3. First pick in rookie dynasty draft

    Agree with BB. The short-term need seems best accomplished by Lynch. (although I am not sure what is to like about being in the Buffalo offense, and I am a Buffalo fan). You just have to hope his talent, and number of carries = production. But you can pretty much count on the Vikes building their offense around him (not Chesta) in the years to come. RBBC this year with no real idea how it will pan out.
  4. Rod Smith (hip)

    I am sure most of you have heard but: News: 37-year-old Denver Broncos WR Rod Smith, who had an operation on his hip in February, sat out the Broncos' two-day minicamp. He's yet to run post-surgery except briefly in a pool. Smith doesn't know if he'll be healed in time for training camp, which begins July 29. But when asked about possibly hanging it up, the Broncos' all-time leader in touchdowns and receptions said the thought hasn't entered his mind. The Broncos want to take the cautious route as well. Smith thought he'd be further along by now. And while he's trying to remain upbeat, it's difficult. "Everybody's body is different," he said. "When you get a little older, it takes a little longer. My body said, 'No, you're not (ready).' I have to listen. The thing is getting ready for football season. I know camp is a part of the season, but football season starts in September. That's what I'm looking forward to." Something tells me Rod is going a bit limp. My question/thought - could Brandon Marshall be one of those WRs who comes out of nowhere? Don't know much about him, but we know Cutler likes to throw. Draftworthy?
  5. Pick 8

    I wouldn't count Rudi out of the running either. I won with him last year - there's much to be said for consistancy, and his schedule is so much better this year.
  6. MJD

    Definately worth a good look too in my opinion. Just not as dynamic or dangerous.
  7. Trade Advice Needed

    Stay put fella - one of your QBs will be solid. Kitna and Romo both have good upside.
  8. MJD

    Thank you for all the points, there certainly needs to be some caution applied. I know he had a streak of games (when Taylor was slowed/injured), but there were still 10 TDs outside of those games. (yes no?) I guess the bottom line is you don't want your #1 in a RBBC with limited carries. Even though he'll probably still do well running WITH Taylor, you can't expect #4 numbers unless Taylor misses time again. (not a bad gamble you have to admit) But for the above arguments to work, you have to be arguing that he will actually have LESS carries right? Because he doesn't need alot of carries to be a top 5 RB aparently.
  9. MJD

    I know we are all a bit skeptical of this guy - almost a 'too good to be true' scenario, but I am having trouble finding reasons why this guy should not be up for late 1st round consideration. He's ranked 4th in RB fantasy points in 2006. Some facts: 1. Freakish abilities - big play potential, good hands 2. Young, second year (good for RBs), seems sturdy and durable 3. 15 TDs last year, almost 1400 total yards, 5.7 YPC (wow) 4. On only 200 touches! (compare this to 436 by Steven Jackson, 374 by Frank Gore who ended with similar/less fantasy points) While rumors fly about Taylor and MJD losing carries to Jones on the goal line, that isn't where MJD does his damage. Even if MJD has less average carries per game, you have to imagine they will get him the rock more than 200 times this year - especially considering they barely gave him the ball in the first 5 games of last season. And of course, if Taylor misses time (almost a give in), those carries will increase again. Considering he scored the same number of points with half the touches of the guys we consider studs, or frst rounders, what gives? Thoughts? Am I missing something? Or is just that people don't feel he isn't stud-worthy yet?
  10. Blockbuster Trade in the Works...

    I would do do Maroney for Peyton in your situation. You'd still have 3 very solid RBs, all entering the primes of their careers, and then you'd have the best QB too. Nice looking team. (do you have a flex to start a 3rd RB or no?) Maroney could be good this year, but the difference between him and MJD could be nil, while the difference between Peyton, and whoever you are going to grab at QB is likely huge. I personally wouldn't do the second offer. I think MJD is being undervalued this year. In my league he was the 4th best RB last year, with about half the touches of the guys in front of him, and barely seeing the ball early on in the season. If he is given a consistent workload (with or withouth Taylor in the mix) he should see an increase in overal season stats. He's also young and sturdy.
  11. The Huddle

    Love the Huddle, and I won last year. A couple guys know I like this site, and I know at least two others use it too. The thing is, none of us would ever use the cheat sheet verbatim. That's lunacy in my opinion. What makes the Huddle great is the combination of a lot of good varying opinions, both from the writers (who often disagree with one another) an the members (when they aren't flaming the sh*t out of you). You have to take all of the different angles and then incorporate your own.
  12. Hardest Pick in the Draft

    Great topic. My personal take - there are always some big first round RB landmines. Those landmines are burried somewhere between the consensus 3 to 6 picks. LJ ALex Gore and maybe Westy/Addai is where everyone is leaning - at least two of those guys go "boom" this year. Lots of big questions surround LJ and Alex, but their "big names" wil make coaches pick them (and so they don't feel stupid). Gore and Westy I actually like, but would "feel" early at three and carry injury bugs. I feel more comfortable at the end of round 1 this year (besides 1 or 2 holes). The value and upside is better there with guys like Parker, Moroney, Ronnie, or grab Peyton of course.
  13. Trade Help

    Yeah that counter is no good - but good luck. If you want your best shot at winning this year, grab LT. Lewis and Taylor are basically irrelevant, but I actually like the Taylor side better anyhow.
  14. cbs improvements........

    I hear yah man. I have been here for 3 years and every year there are threads flaming CBSSL. Cross your fingers for me as it's been a good ride for my league so far, and the features feel pretty high end.
  15. cbs improvements........

    1. No. There may have been one case but we aren't sure if the coach was at fault. I just used commish power to correct the issue. 2. No, live in-person draft. 3. $55 (or about $6 per coach) I am not arguing the fact that the CBSSL draft rooms can be a mess. I've heard, and believe you all. I am just saying that high-traffic sites like that (and ESPN for example) traditionally face these issues when thousands of people jump in to live online drafts at the same time. It's not like MFL has a space age server that CBS couldn't afford, they just have far less people drafting on peak draft days. (my theory) Regardless, I can see how that would piss people off - enough so that they find a more niche provider.