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  1. Keeper advice

    I am in a league where we are allowed to keep players drafted in certain rounds of the previous years draft. A 10 team league where a TE is required, standard scoring rules in the league. I have both Chris Cooley and LJ Smith that I could keep if i wanted too. I would consider keeping both but not sure. To keep Cooley I would give up my 8th round draft choice in this years draft and to keep LJ Smith I would give up my 11th round pick. Im pretty sure I will keep Smith since giving up an 11th is really nothing but not sure about Cooley with an eighth. We only have to carry on TE on our team, any opinion out there??
  2. Starting WR

    Alright I need some advice im in a league with 6 points per Td catch and 1 pt per yd rec, this is week 1 of playoffs and I need to decide on my 3rd starting WR. My choices are Randy Moss, Antonio Bryant, Drew Bennett and Donte Stallworth. Ive been sticking with Moss most of the year, even though it hasnt helped much and im leaning towards staying with him, but any other thoughts? My other 2 starters at reciever are Rod Smith and Tj Houshmandzadeh.
  3. to pick up or not

    Sorry about that not sure why i was thinking Houston, either way though still with Jones looking solid in Dallas and the way Parcells pounds his backs, i would jump on Parker.
  4. #3 Pick advice

    I would probably go with Davis, even though a lot of people would say otherwise. Biggest reason being TD potential and reception potential. My biggest knock on James coming into the season was not enough Td's for someone getting that many touches of the ball. With Davis you have the health thing to worry about but healthy his scoring potential is higher, less quality scorers in Houston.
  5. to pick up or not

    I would agree with the other person, W. Parker will have more upside for you then A. Thomas, thats a crowded backfield in Houston after DD, whereas with Staley hurting, Parker looks like solid number 2 in Pittsburgh. Besides being greedy is just being smart in fantasy football land.
  6. Nice team name. Looks like a pretty good team though, i would have taken L. Jordan over S. Jackson in the third personally but Jackson a much safer pick the Barber or Martin, so shouldnt hurt you there. Rest of the team looks solid though, and if all the word out of Jacksonville is true, Reggie Williams could be a sleeper for you for sure.
  7. My WR's...?

    I would say your solid with Horn and Smith for certain. Stokley is a injury risk and i dont think theres anyway he will come close to last years numbers, but wont be a bad bench guy to have. Honestly i liked Toomer all year as a sleeper pick, if Eli gets a lot better this year and Plaxico drawing double coverages, Toomer could be in for a pretty good year, hes been a solid number 3 reciever(at least) for the last few years other then last year so I like his chances to bounce back, probalby wont get you a lot of Td's, never was a Td king, but should be good for yards.
  8. Fantasy Team

    Yeah there arent too many savvy experienced ff players in this league, which can allow you to stockpile some picks, unfortunately these same guys are a little unpredictable which makes it hard to figure out what some of them will do. Got Kevin Jones in the 3rd round, had no plans that he would be there but was too good to pass up when he was.
  9. Fantasy Team

    Yeah Wr's are my concern too, this is a ten team league and im hoping for a possible trade down the road for a wideout. I had Palmer as a keeper and hes every week starter unless hurt so not too worried about Carr. I will look for another TE on the waiver wire as soon as season starts, someone unknown bound to step up.
  10. Fantasy Team

    Just had my draft this weekend, let me know what you think of this team: C.Palmer and D. Carr - QB's D. Davis, K.Jones, L. Jordan, Tj.Duckett, M. Anderson- Rbs R. Moss, Rod Smith, Tj. Houshmandzadeh, D.Stallworth, Ch. Rogers, Reg. Williams, K. Colbert, A. Bryant- Wr's R. McMichael- TE S. Graham- K Minnesota def We are required to play 1 qb, 2 rb's, 3 wr's, 1 te, 1 k, 1 def, each week. But defenses dont count for a lot of points in this league. I feel like im stacked at RB but worried about WR, not really comfortable with Rod Smith as a number 2 but was best I could do by that point. My hope is one on the youngsters (Rogers, Bryant, Williams, or Stalloworth) can step up and be a solid number 2. Anyway let me know any opinions on this team out there.
  11. Any Ideas

    Lewis yeah i like but think 6 is just a little too high for him. Edge no way at 6- lots of yards but just not enough TD potential for me, particularly with Manning throwing so much down close. I like Deuce yeah but Saints offense is a little scary to me.
  12. Any Ideas

    In our league keepers were only anyone drafteed in rounds 11-17 last year, so no real heavy hitters are kept right now. And yeah i know the Culpepper pick makes no sense but guy will take him a big Vikings fan, took him like 3rd last year too.
  13. Any Ideas

    Sorry Palmer is my only keeper.
  14. Any Ideas

    Any advice out there for me on this. I pick 6th in the first round of a ten team league, standard scoring rules involved except 5 pts for pass tds. Based on what i know from the other owners, players that will be gone at my pick are Alexander, Tomlinson, Culpepper, and probably Holmes. If Holmes is there im taking him but doubt he will be. Im looking at Manning or Moss with my pick, mainly because im not really in love with any of the rb's i could take that early, i like D. Davis a lot, but believe i can get him in 2nd rd. So thinking Moss or Manning but one other thing is I already have C. Palmer as a keeper from last year, so dont necessarly need QB, but value is so good there. So any advice out there, Manning, Moss, or go RB, but if so whos worth that pick.