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  1. Steelers Sign 11 Rookie Free Agents

    mosley! he's a big guy, too bad he went undrafted. but if darius walker did, i can see why he did.
  2. Sarge Mock Draft

    @ last time being adamant on no carriker in the first round, now hes a #21 pick!
  3. Will Shields retires

    too bad hes leaving the game! a great rock for the chiefs for SO long.
  4. Five Most Productive Rookies

    i wish texans could get big joe thomas
  5. LaRon Landry

    i dont want to sound like the greatest athlete of all times, but running 20 yards isn't the toughest thing ever.
  6. Bears get Archuleta

    great pickup for the bears @ the price. put him and mike on the field at the same time mike's had two major injuries, but this year he will be back.
  7. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    yeah. was scheduled a couple years ago before we played them in 2005. we beat them 31-3 at home, and of course now we are in for what could be a heck of a surprise and certainly a good game. was definitely made when we didn't think Wake would matter as much at this point, but really it turned out great for our SOS, atleast for the first part of the season, maybe in the end depending on Wake. Should bea good game to get us prepared for USC.
  8. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    nebraska cornhuskers Sept 1 vs. Nevada Sep 8 @ Wake Forest Sep 15 vs. USC Sep 22 vs. Ball State
  9. Lions building picks...

    bragging because millen gets good ratings by magazines afterwards, even though a lot of his high picks became nothing so far? wooptydoo. all the sports mags rank him high, but his players fail! what a success.
  10. Jorvorskie Lane

    no way lane! mike goodson owns though!
  11. nasti nate ilaoa

    was their offense? or colt brennan with 58 tds was their offense? 2 Wr's over 1100 yds and 4 wr's with double digit TDS. nate was great all purpose for them though, out of the backfield and running the ball. but 58 tds is a lot. and who the heck picked timmy chang as a stud? lol. he was an all numbers guy. people are wondering if colt brennan is the same way, but he seems to truly have a good arm. we shall see his senior season.
  12. QB's who need to get over the hump

    cant believe how many young qb's some people listed (carson palmer and drew brees? Suffering succotash!?). aside from that, peytons hump extended all the way back to college where he had handicapped struggles against florida, and never won a title. got beat in 97 by nebraska, who split the title with mich, and the next year tennessee won it with tee martin! His 'hump' extends a lot further, and much more interestingly, than all of these other qbs listed. carson palmer is WAY too young and so is drew brees.
  13. Belichick made me play with a concussion

    the reason gene upshaw is brought into the mix is because of his comments like 'i'm only helping the players who pay my salary. no one in the past pays my salary so im not worried about them' (not verbatim, but close). anyway I don't know what to think of it, but I do think more should be done to help former players. like they said in the article on real sports, nfl doesn't consider you disabled if you can sit behind a desk and work. Suffering succotash!? how many former nfl players are going to be able to get office jobs anyway? nfl has also made players go to several different doctors, until they get the answer they like to hear. i dont give a damn about gumbel or upshaw, but the nfl DOES need to do better for former players and gene DOES play a role in that, so do all the current nfl players. considering how much money some of these guys make on regular salary, they should be more willing to set aside some union money to give to former players.
  14. Sarge's Mock Draft

    ill be surprised if carriker isn't a first round pick. he was good this year, he got double teamed by basically everyone. 6'6 295lbs, w/ a 4.8 40 isnt too shabby. he also switched a lot from end to DT on pass rush situations, and we'd put a real fast DE in at his place. he could play any position along the D line, and did a lot. he's very versatile. he's got great strength and goes all out. his year by year numbers show he was very good, and most experts (kiper, etc) have him going around #20ish in the first round. anyway just surprised he wasnt there.
  15. Sarge's Mock Draft

    adam carriker much?