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  1. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    Umm, ok.
  2. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Freshman C one year?
  3. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Because that would be moronic to say something like that. Like you have said, they are waiting. They are obviously pissed off. There is no reason to say that at all, even if they know they want to release him. I personally think they would look bad for saying that. They would have put themselves in a corner if they did that. And they weren’t stepping in front of him really, they were just taking the action in their own hands. They knew they had to do something to save some face.
  4. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Wow, it wasn't a yes or no question.
  5. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    You didn't answer my question though, when have you picked up a football over John Clayton besides pee-wee flag?
  6. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    Right on! I have been saying that for a while to my friends also. I sorta wanted Brandon Merriweather but I knew Angelo wouldn’t go after him with his checkered past.
  7. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Not necessarily. It’s obvious that Goodell wants Vick out of public sight. Look what Clayton said, and this makes perfect sense: Blank didn't want to give Vick a paid leave of absence. To potentially pay Vick $6 million and then learn he is guilty didn't work for an owner who has pride in the businesses he owns. If anything, the Falcons might look to reclaim some of the money he's been paid. We are obviously all guessing what we think Blank is thinking but I don’t see how people think that right now, Blank wants Vick on the field.
  8. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    What's your point? Because he said that Vick is essentially done, you are bashing on him? Real mature. Have you ever picked up a football besides in pee-wee flag?
  9. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    I agree but I wonder how much he is worth, along with the product of a system thing. I am honestly fine if he is gone, this team has shown they have some depth at other positions, but we haven't seen what Angelo has done with the linebackers lately. I want to see that.
  10. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Here is a great read by Clayton: Link Falcons owner Arthur Blank and general manager Rich McKay spoke extensively Tuesday about quarterback Michael Vick, and the tone of the news conference was in past tense. Though innocent until proven guilty, Vick, the face of the Falcons' franchise, is on the outside looking in. His days as a Falcon appear to be numbered. Blank, McKay and the Falcons are ready to move on while Vick fights his dogfighting case in a federal courtroom in Richmond, Va. Blank drafted the language of a four-game suspension but didn't serve it because commissioner Roger Goodell stepped in and put Vick's status on hold. For years, Blank and entire Falcons organization stood behind Vick with zeal. Vick was exciting. He filled the Georgia Dome with fans. Blank rewarded him with a $130 million contract extension with a belief that Vick's magic legs and powerful arm could carry the organization to the Super Bowl. That Blank was willing to suspend him for four games even before Vick registers a plea to his federal indictment was telling. The one-time leader of the Falcons' offense is no longer in a position to lead. He was the toast of Atlanta. Now, he's toast. To regain his standing with the organization, he'll have to fight and defeat these charges and then try to fight his way back on the roster. Imagine the anger of the owner, flying back from an African vacation, when he learned the details of Vick's indictment. The crime of dogfighting is so disgusting and embarrassing that the front office spent days studying ways to separate itself from Vick instead of embracing him. Blank and McKay studied the concepts of just releasing him. They settled on suspending him. Blank didn't want to give Vick a paid leave of absence. To potentially pay Vick $6 million and then learn he is guilty didn't work for an owner who has pride in the businesses he owns. If anything, the Falcons might look to reclaim some of the money he's been paid. Understand that the decision by Goodell to order Vick out of camp was a compromise mutually worked out between the NFLPA, the league and the Falcons. The Falcons decided to keep him off the field as long as they could. Rules mandate team suspensions can't be longer than four games. Blank wanted the max. The three parties worked all day Monday to come up with what everyone thought could be an acceptable solution. Credit Goodell with a save in some regards, but what he can't patch is the icy relationship Vick now has with the Falcons. It is likely Goodell will let a good portion of the training camp pass before he lets Vick return. Anyone thinking Vick will be part of the Falcons this year is living in a fantasy world. It's possible, but odds are building against it. First, he has to clear his name from the dogfighting rap. It's Joey Harrington's team temporarily. Vick remains part of the team, but he's on his own for the time being. John Clayton is a senior writer for
  11. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    I respect your opinion but I couldn’t disagree with you any more. They have all the incentive to say that statement? Are you kidding me? How can they say that before anything has gone down? That would show already bad blood and set a black and white scenario which they don’t want. They want all options open still, like you said, and Goodell has allowed them that with his decision. How can you say that them wanting a four game suspension shows that they want the banishment to be as short as possible? They had to do something, and I think you would agree with that. That was all they could do from their standpoint besides cutting him! Of course they aren’t 100% decided whether or not Vick will play again with them; they are waiting to see how all this plays out.
  12. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    I’ll take that bet. All the talk here in Chicago and here at the radio station is that Briggs was forcing Drew’s hand. But for sure, this situation was handled poorly, unlike Freeney. And franchise tag next year? They said they would rescind it and I don’t see why they would want to franchise him next year after this mess. He can’t agree to a long term contract, only a one year offer. You have to remember that Angelo fielded NO calls to even talk about Briggs. Many people feel is a product of the system. I am half and half on that thought.
  13. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    Drew was the main liar in this situation? Of course, tell us something we don’t know. The fact is though that Briggs was controlling the situation and Drew was following orders. Briggs wasn't smart about it.
  14. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    The Bears are working fast, signing Tillman to a deal yesterday too.