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  1. Auction League

    Has anyone run an online auction draft before, we are running into scheduling issues and are looking for options?
  2. Best league host(s)

    I am in different leagues with Fanball MFL sportsline I would have to favor Fanball over MFL slightly, but stay away from sportsline, you never know when it is going to running.
  3. Nice Reach Packers

  4. Top two RB's in this and last year's draft

    WOW, Sorry for the exaggeration! I will rephrase, if you were looking for a ONE BACK offence, where the RB avg 20.2345 carries per game.
  5. Top two RB's in this and last year's draft

    True 30 carries a game running back i would go Peterson, however in the NFL today you always have two backs. It is a tough question, but if i had to depend on one i go with Lynch, i mean Peterson.
  6. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1 QB, Russell, LSU 2 WR, Johnson, Georgia Tech 3 QB, Quinn, Notre Dame 4 OT, Thomas, Wisconson 5 DE, Adams, Clemson 6 S, Landry, LSU 7 RB, Peterson, Oklahoma 8 DT, Okoye, Louisville 9 DE, Anderson, Arkansas 10 OT, Brown, Penn St. 11 LB, Willis, Mississippi 12 CB, Hall, Michigan 13 DE, Carriker, Nebraska 14 TE, Olsen, Miami 15 DT, Branch, Michigan As good as any? I think 11 - 15 is pretty much a guess.
  7. Marty Wexler III

    Yep, and the Hot Hands and GPS tracking chip.
  8. Marty Wexler III

    Anyone listen to KFAN radio out of Minnesota, they have a draft expert named Marty Wexler III. I have been listing to him for years and thought he was real. He had me going until the Doberman Dash, anyone else know who i am talking about?
  9. Combine on Television?

    Starts today!
  10. Top 100 for 2007

    or 43 Marion Barber 83 Julius Jones
  11. Draft order

    Put numbers 1 - 10 in a hat and draw, but getting 1 means you get to pick your spot in the draft first. Two years running the guy who picked the 5th spot out of 10 has won the league.
  12. GB-Minny score?

    That last pick goes to the super bowl champs right! Maybe that a just a little optimistic, what does suck is that GB will pick about 5-7 spots before Min.
  13. GB-Minny score?

    Vikes 17 Pack 14 It sounds like the weather is going to bad, not quite as bad as Bryant Gumbel is going to be but still bad. Taylor 145 yds and 1 TD Jackson 225 yds 0TDs 1Int(returned for TD) and one rushing TD Farve 285 1TD and 3Ints Green 25 yds 0TDs
  14. Huddle Survivor Challenge - Week 15

    I think i took 4th!