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  1. QB connundrum

    Stafford @ Minn or Hurts vs NYG ,standard scoring , been riding Stafford all year (Have Kupp too) but seems like an excellent week for Hurts against my lowly NYG.
  2. 10 team PPR, how did I do?

    you have bad RBs for a 10 team league, and not even great wrs ,yes u have Kelce, but i doubt this team as constructed can compete for a chip. JMHO
  3. WhoBtheQB

    anyone else
  4. WhoBtheQB

    that is exactly what i was thinking
  5. WhoBtheQB

    Goin against LT this week, need to get everything right. Eli @ Carolina , Mcnair @ KC or Green vs Balt. I have Eli in there now , just a feeling , what do the rest of you think.
  6. Start/Bench list has Eli ahead of Vince

    yes but what wil u get from him rushing on a good day 50 yds? Jeff Garcia just put up 300 and 3 tds vs Carolina, Eli obviously got u this far it would be a shame to get bumped by playing Young instead. JMHO
  7. Start/Bench list has Eli ahead of Vince

    yes you are, Young is a rookie who had 93 passing yds agaist Hou at home just 5 weeks ago. Everybody jumps on the bandwagon so fast these days. Eli will score more then Young this week, bet on it.
  8. Keeper League (3 keepers)

    That could not be an easier decision, LT Westy Wayne. You never save a QB in a 3 save league. Can we relax with making Colston the next coming of Jerry Rice, hes had one half of a season.
  9. Start 1 QB Romo, McNair, or Palmer

    not gonna snow in NY this weekend
  10. McNair or Eli?

    actuall Mc nair has a great matchup, unfortunately it is gonna be a mess tonite with alot of Rain and T-Storms, I have the same guys , was starting Mcnair now not so sure.
  11. Must win or else!

    thanks all
  12. Do i change cause of the Rain?

    well then which other guy would u suggest?
  13. Must win or else!

    thanks, more please
  14. I like Caldwell in this game. just a hunch.
  15. Had Mcnair going tonite but now calling for heavy rain and t-storms. Should I stick with him or go with Rivers @ Buf, Eli vs Dal or Green @ Clev who is on waivers?