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  1. Alright Chris ... shut up already

    Gumbel kept making stupid comments and then saying "sorry". Then toward the end he said the game was winding down toward the 3 minute warning. What a noob. On top of that I never liked Collinsworth. I don't know what's worse. Thiesman and Cornholer or Collinsworth and Kermit.
  2. Which WR?

  3. Due to some great draft day planning I have both my defense and tight end on a bye. Already dropping Morency for a defense and need to drop one more to pick up a TE. Don't really want to drop Bryant or Henry considering the te's available but would be looking at Wrighster or Franks. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Even though the Hawks are on a bye I still woke up a few times during the night looking at the clock hoping it was close to kickoff. That's one of the great things about fantasy football, that you still have something to get excited about on the weekend if your team is not playing. Then I open the yahoo browser so I can take one last look at my "practice" team lineups and I see a bunch of sobering items in the news column on the yahoo home page. Iraq, North Korea etc...after reading those and having conflicted feelings on being so excited about a game when there is so much unrest and havoc in the world, I go to my teams and after a while find another great thing about fantasy football and sports, it takes you away from all that (somewhat anyway). Good luck to all today (unless you are in one of my leagues and HAVE A GREAT DAY OF FOOTBALL!!!!! By the way, my Huskies looked pretty good against USC yesterday. OUTSTANDING
  5. Jennings or Reggie Williams

    jennings looks good and favre likes him. go with jennings
  6. WDIS in Performance scoring at RB

    barber and rhodes
  7. WDIS at RB?

    Yo Mama made some good points in favor of Taylor but I couldn't see sitting Jackson vs Green Bay.
  8. Fantasy Advice Thread

    Need to start one from Mcgahee @ CHicago Dillon home vs Miami Morency home vs St Louis Standard performance scoring (no ppr) Thanks
  9. Menudo's Quick Picks

    Thanks in advance for your input Menudo. Just trying to get another point of view on who to start out of these 3 in standard performance scoring league (no ppr). McGahee at Chicago Dillon home vs Miami Morency home vs St Louis Just need one. Thanks again.
  10. 2006 Survivor Challenge Week 5 -

  11. WDIS @ Flex

    S Moss
  12. Tough call at WR

    Wayne Moulds Evans
  13. No intelligent insight from me, just one of those smart azz comments you were also expecting. I think you should have broke your crackpipe sooner based on the way you worded your subject. Actually I will chime in on your trade. To me Coles is in the same area as Mason and maybe Driver, and a step down from Wayne. It looks to me like you are giving up a lot to get Palmer. Who are you going to rely on each week as your second RB besides Jackson? A rookie splitting carries or one of your other two RBs that split carries with each other?
  14. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 3

    Week 3 Miami Dolphins
  15. Best Photo ever (Brooks)

    I might not like the Steelers but I like your taste in women Menudo . I have seen that picture a few times and it never gets old.
  16. You heard it here first.......

    I thought the upset here would be Menudo picking against the Steelers. I think they will lose on monday night to the Jags...As for Seattle, I think they will take the Cards but it may be a shootout. I don't see them stopping Alexander.