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  1. Best draft pick of the year

    For me, it was getting Brian Westbrook with the 20th overall pick (took LJ at #1) while running backs I really didn't want as much were going in the first 19 picks. I was prepared to take 2 stud WR's with picks #20 and #21 w/ only a faint hope Westy would be there at #20. Westbrook really carried my squad a handful of weeks and always contributed and had the best week of anyone when I won our championship game in week #15.
  2. Keeper league folks

    We've got a 10 year old league...natural progression, I guess, to more complex scoring...better rules...more savvy players after all this time. We're thinking of going to a keeper league. First, if there's another old thread on it, please point me to it and feel free to write an essay on whatever you'd suggest. To make it easy, I'll post a few basic questions on how to best do it? 1. What's the best number of players to keep? 2. Do you put a limit on the # of years you can keep a player? 3. Let's say you can keep up to 3 players. If so, do you skip each of the first 3 rounds of the draft? for each player you keep?...or do you lose a draft pick from the round you drafted the keeper in the previous year?....or the round the other guy drafted him in if you got the player through a trade? Example-You drafted Marion Barber in the 8th round so if you keep him you only skip your 8th round pick. 4. We typically do a snake draft...draw position at random each year. Do you typically do that in a keeper league or let worst record last year draft first and then so on in reverse order each round since the best team from last year is theoretically keeping the best players? 5. Any other important questions I should have asked?
  3. CBS Sportsline

    It was down for me all day yesterday until I got home...can't get on today, either...wondering if I.S. blocked it at problems with any other site....but I'm sure not asking at work about getting onto a non-work site. Thanks, guys.
  4. Down by 24.30 points, my opponent is through

    Wow. That's tough. You have to figure Palmer at least throws for 200 and 1 TD giving the CJ/Housh combo a number in the low 20s. If he throws for 2 TDs you're in pretty good shape unless Henry hijacks one....but then Addai is hurt. 3 TD passes in a shootout and you're almost sure to be golden....but then Rudi's sitting out there salivating about the TDs he's going to get. I think I might just have to play both Cincy WRs anyway with Addai banged up....but then Cincy's run D is pretty bad. What's the most likely scenario?...if Addai is healthy, he gets 50 yards and a TD. CJ gets 100 yards but Housh and Henry steal the TDs which you can't predict....21 more yards or a CJ TD and you likely win. With the awful Indy run D, I just have to figure Rudi pirates a TD the receivers normally get. If Addai is 70% or less?...go with both Cincy wideouts and cross your fingers. If Addai is supposedly ready to roll?...go Addai/CJ.
  5. You know, on that sig....wouldn't a clean jerk before a 200 lb. snatch pretty much make you useless for dealing with the 200 lb. snatch? I'm thinking I'd have a hard enough time getting up for the 200 lb. snatch...much less with a pre-date "Ted from Something about Mary" jerk. ...but maybe that's just me....or I may be misintrepreting.
  6. What do you need tonight?

    I'm up by 1 point with the tiebreaker and Chad going. The other guy's done. My nightmare scenario is a 9 yard pass to Chad on his first reception who fumbles it away (-2 points) and gets hurt on the play and doesn't come back. Having lost in every conceivably screwed up way possible the last 10 years, I'll believe I've got the championship won only when I'm still ahead after the game tonight.
  7. You've got a great chance. Certainly it helps that Manning and Vinatieri can't both get major scores (TD/FG) on the same drive. With the "reduced" TD points in your league, it's going to be tough for him to catch you. Let's say Peyton goes off for 350 and 4 TDs.....that's 26 points....Vinatieri's got to get at least 6 before Chad has to do anything...not bad, not bad at all. I'm up by 1 point with Chad left to go and the other guy is finished. As long as Chad can get receiving yards points to equal any turnovers (-2), I'm the league bud, I'm seriously rooting for Chad to go off for both of us.
  8. Is Bernard Berrian hurt?

    Every WR on the Chicago roster is catching balls but Berrian. Did he go out? ...and freaking Buckhalter?!?!? You change the offense up NOW?!?!? Damn that innovative Andy Reid. I'd like to choke him.
  9. Championship tomorrow, please review lineup

    Thanks guys. The Garcia/Eli choice has been tough (heck, Rivers and McNair aren't bad choices). Eli has such big numbers in Philly early in the year while the Giants pass D is much, much better at home than on the road. That's what lead me in the direction of Eli. I still may make a change and may well go Walker over Berrian though Walker/Cutler have done absolutely zero together these first 2-3 games...worries me a lot to go out on a limb like that. Can't say Booker is a bad choice, either, as hot as he is but don't have a comfort level w/ him having just picked him up. ...hope I make the right choices.
  10. Starters in bold, matchups below...agonized over QB and WR #2 choices, any last minute thoughts are welcome. I'm facing Favre, LT, Chester, Driver, Holt, Gonzo, Josh Brown (yeah!), Jags...bummer...he's got a great team...hoping Chester and Driver aren't 100%. 10 team league, start 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,1K,1D 6pt TDs all around, 1pt=10yds run/catch,25yds passing, -2 for turnovers QB-Eli, Rivers, McNair, Garcia RB-Larry J, Westy, Betts WR- Chad J, Andre J, Javon Walker,Berrian, Booker TE-Shockey, McMichael K-Wilkins D-Dolphins, Vikings Eli vs. Eagles, Garcia @ Giants, Rivers vs. KC, McNair vs. Cle LJ @ SD, Westy @ NYG 85 @ Indy, Berrian vs. TB, Javon @ Cards, Andre @ Pats, Booker @ Buff
  11. Farve or Romo

    Neither. Go with Favre.
  12. Week 15 dilema

    I think you're making the right call....Brown and Caldwell....tough bunch of receivers. You've got to have some other good players to be in the playoffs with that trio?
  13. Fargas, Williams or Harris

    I think DeAngelo. I'm not expecting a lot of defense in that Car/Pit game. Harris looks good on paper...but it's Arlen know...Arlen Harris? If you like him, go with it, but I just can't get fired up over a career backup even though he's running well with a good matchup and looks for all the world like a very solid play.
  14. WDIS - Pick 1 RB

    Fast Willie Parker...solid matchup for him (Carolina D...good, not great). I like him even if Thomas Jones is out and Cedric starts. Jones-Drew is #2 for me in this explosive.