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  1. Draft Software

    Im looking for a really good draft software program to use this year. Do any of you have any recommendations on the best draft software?
  2. Hosting Site?

    Thanks Big John.. that covers it for me.
  3. Hosting Site?

    I'm starting a new league and wanted some input from the Huddlers on the best site to host a fantasy league. We want live scoring of course and a league home page. Does anyone have suggestions on the best sites out for me to look at? I was looking at Fanball and CBS but wanted to see what you all thought.
  4. The Huddle

    So far I have kept The Huddle a secret in my league
  5. Bengals

    I'm happy that Cincy didnt make it in. Serves them right for costing me a trip to the SB this year when Palmer did SO BAD vs. the Colts. I only needed 10 points from him to win and he only got me 6. I said after the Colts game that I hoped they missed the playoffs and they did!!
  6. CBS Sportsline - Waivers

    First are you the commish? If you are then just let everyone know that if they want a dropped player it's "first come first serve" and as the commish you can make that change manually. I like CBS but, really dont care of the waiver options. They really need to upgrade that for next season. It got so bad in one league I'm the commish in I did away with the waiver process totally for the playoffs.
  7. I lost the Championship.

    I want to blame that LOSER Plamer for costing me a trip to the SB. That SOB put up 6 freakin points last night 6!!! I lost by 4 points. All I needed was 1 TD from him and I would have won!! Thanks Palmer you ass hat!!!
  8. No Palmer Posts?

    i live in Indy and wanted the Colts to win hell my sister was at the game!! Palmer all I needed was 10 points!!! 10 little points maybe even 10 points in junk time but NOOO!!! what a sorry ass performance!!!
  9. No Palmer Posts?

    OK, I dont see anything in here about how sad Palmer was last night. The bastard only scored 6 points in my league and I lost by 4 freakin points!! I only needed him to score 10 points but, he couldnt do that and now I'm out!!! thanks Palmer you little $#@%^$ you and the rest of that sorry ass bengal team can KISS MY
  10. LT I hate him!

    OK, I dont hate LT but, I do hate FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!!!
  11. Cinny's offensive Stats for tonight

    Me and you are in the same boat bro!! I'm only down by 9 so I think C. Palmer can make that up and then some (I HOPE) just keep the ball out of Housh's hands. My entire season is riding on Palmer... but, thats why I drafted him..
  12. Cinny's offensive Stats for tonight

    OK here is what I'm hoping for.... C. Palmer 400 yards passing and 4 TD's all to C.J. !!! I live in Indy love the Colts hate Cincy but, I NEED A BIG GAME FROM PALMER!!! PLEASE!!!
  13. Should I be able to bargain?

    We always pay out the top 3 teams. Of course #1 winner gets the most but, 2nd gets some good change and 3rd gets their money back.
  14. Man I feel your pain. So, going into last nights game I'm up by 30 points. The guy I'm playing has LT. and the STUPID SD kicker. Of course, now I'm down by 9 points and I got C. Palmer tonight and the guy I'm playing has Housh. I need 3 TD's to C. Johnson anything but Housh...
  15. LT I hate him!

    Well, LT just took the SB away from me with that run. Thanks KC like you didnt know he was going to get the ball huh?? man Im pissed!!!!