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  1. I consider myself a foodie but those people take it too far and their board moderators are a bunch of va jay jays. If you say something the least bit critical about a post, they delete it and block your access to that thread. On the other hand, I have gotten some pretty good restaurant suggestions.
  2. The Nintendo Wii

    Can any of y'all recommend where (the big box stores can't keep them in stock) to buy the Wii? Also, I'm considering getting an extra remote and nonchuck at the same time. Are there any other accessories I should consider getting from the git go? Thanks.
  3. The Nintendo Wii

    I was just in the Mall and the Gamestop had one in stock. I bought Zelda and just ordered Wii Play. The thing is a blast.
  4. son went fishing last night with my BIL

    He sounds like one of dem retarded noodlers.
  5. The Nintendo Wii

    I've been calling around and no suck luch. I did find this site I'm safe to assume that this guy is like a ticket broker? He does the legwork of constantly locating Wiis and charges a premium of $150/unit?
  6. squeegiebo

    How is this thread gonna get me a frickin Wii?
  7. squeegiebo

    I've never been much of a Squeege fan but I kinda miss her Edwards-lustin' yet dykey liberal attitude.
  8. The Nintendo Wii

    Thanks to all and thanks especially to CR but I don't want to put anyone out. I think I'm going to go the eBay route and get another remote.
  9. Chestnut wins hotdog eating contest!

    I wonder how low we have sunk if we have to take some kind of national pride in having an American win a freakin' hot dog eating championship. Makes me long for the days when we went toe to toe with the Soviet Union for idealogical supremacy. That was a contest worth winning.
  10. It's almost 4th of July

    rocket in his ass?
  11. When breaking up

    Since I'm such an irascible jackass, all of my relationships end up going down the tubes at some point. I'm nearing that point again. Question for the forum, is it better to be the dumpee or dumper? NB: This is solely from the perspective of future relationships. I'm not 16 where a great deal of my self esteem will be lost by being dumped. Been there, done that, and there will be other relationships. Pros for being the dumpee - you're seen as the victim, women are afraid to be dumped so they prefer a dumpee Pros for being the dumper - you're in control, future GFs won't think you were a Veronicawhipped loser What say ye?
  12. What's your favorite word?

  13. 63 years ago today

    GB the ones who did and did not make it off that beach.
  14. For DC, I think they hit the nail on the head for Georgetown. It's a huge hassle to get into, out of, or through on any kind of decent evening, especially Friday and Saturday.
  15. More Wein snobs than Bier drinkers?

    Sideways one of the chittiest movies evah
  16. What a jerk,,2091302,00.html
  17. Now we learn that this selfish, irresponsible jacka$$ who put innocent travelers at risk of contracting and possibly dying from MDR Tb is a personal injury lawyer! I hope he gets HIS ass sued off.
  18. Is Johnson size hereditary?

    NAMBLA alert
  19. Prayers Needed Desparately

    Good vibes sent jax (the tinfoilhat amplifies the signal).
  20. Biggest Breakout/Biggest Bust

    Aren't all of dese guys RBs?
  21. Chicago Huddlers

    My GF has is going to a course in Downers Grove, IL. Mapquest says 30 minutes to get from Downers Grove to Chicago but, of course, that is best case. How far (time wise) is Downers Grover from downtown Chicago at rush hour? Many thanks for your assitance.
  22. Chicago Huddlers

    Thanks all for the info. The situation is that she's going there for a class (about 10 days in duration--class every day, including weekends) in the Downers Grove area. I was considering flying in for a few days but, being that the interesting chit is in Chicago, I don't think the hassle is worth it.
  23. No one finds it disturbing that hankk started this thread?
  24. How to grill a burger?

    Burgers go for more than that in Florida.