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  1. WDIS

    I'd probably go with Braylon Edwards.
  2. T.Holt for C-Pep

    MY qb situation sucks. T.Green Griese thoughts? no penalties for int's .
  3. WDIS @ WR week 3

    I can't believe it's a question.
  4. Delhomme just got dropped

    depends on the matchup. Big Ben @ NE or Car against??? I'd probably go Big Ben just b/c I have him on my team. I think it's a flip of the coin though.

    Big Ben is the most talented of that group. Go with him.
  6. Shipp vs. Mewelde

    I'd go with Mewelde. I know everyone else will say Shipp but it's just a hunch on my part.
  7. Travis Taylor or Stallworth

    Stallworth. Vikings are a mess right now and should be avoided at all costs.
  8. Mewelde Moore the man in MIN?

    "the man" in Minnesota = finding $100 bill while stranded on an island.
  9. Santana Moss vs Andre J

    That's what's great about having a team that sucks all around. There are no "woulda coulda shoulda's"
  10. Mewelde Moore the man in MIN?

    Brandon Jacobs should be out there. He's a better option than anyone on the Vikings.
  11. don't give up C-pep in that deal. Stick to your guns and hang tight for a week or two. Maybe consider benching C-pep for a FA qb with a good matchup.
  12. the bottle. The Chiefs have no go to wide out worth a $hit and their defense is playing much better so I think Trent Green's fantasy value is sinking faster than Tice's chances for finishing the season. Which of these qb's should I s tart over him ? Big Ben Griese Warner Dilfer Bledsoe I'm leaning towards Dilfer personally.
  13. Any trent green owners out there?

    That's what I was thinking too. I just checked and Cle has to play Balt/Pitt 2x each so that's not good. I do like Griese a lot but their D is freakish' so far.
  14. What do you need to happen tonight

    I need washington to shut out dallas, chili concarni to kick 10 field goals and mcallister to run like the wind.
  15. Detroit Lions

    I dumped jones after week one for Lamont Jordan and I'm extremely happy. I will never ever again draft a rb on a team with a qb as inept as Harrington. EVER!!!!!!!
  16. I think Tom Jackson had a good point when he said that Randy Moss while in Minnesota was sheltering Culpepper from really having to make difficult decisions. Now that he doesn't have a superstud wr that you can just sling the ball in the air to, he has to make reads and split second decisions. Jackson said it's like he's having to learn all over again how to be an NFL qb. With that said, I think Culpepper will probably show some improvement at about week 5 or 6. No need trading him now, his value is less than anything it has ever been.
  17. Five-player deal

    not good enough. He's scared b/c he saw Priest go down last night. Wait for a better deal.
  18. Stephen Davis for Reggie Wayne

    I think I would. Davis' value won't go any higher and Wayne's value is extremely low right now. click it.
  19. Trade Question

    given that he has c-pep it is fair because he is in dire need of a producing qb. Straight up I think it's in your favor big time but it's logical.
  20. I have a Cadillac on my bench

    agree. TO/Moss are better than most the top tier rb's at this point. I wouldn't trade them for Caddy. no way in hell.
  21. Has Dayne taken over?

    whoa whoa whoa. Take it easy man. It's week 2, Arrington will come around.