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  1. Who would make this trade?

    I'd do can never have enough quality RB's. As well you could always deal Dillon or another rb at a later date and possible upgrade from Steve Smith.
  2. WR Nightmare!

    Any help here would be appreciated!!!! I have to start 3 wr's in my league and these are my following options: Driver at home to TB DJax at home to Arz Horn in Minn S Smith in Miami I going to start DJax and Horn, but need a sniff on who to start btwn Driver and S Smith.... Both have tough matchups....and both have blown up in different weeks this year!
  3. Any idea on who will make my team better this week??? These are my two just wondering what people think. S Davis or M Bennett...both supposed to split carries...but who gets more action.
  4. NFC Final Four

    Philly, St L, Atl, Minny