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  1. Nice human interest story...

    More of that needs to happen in all of the major sports.
  2. quinn ...what is going on ?

    +1 I think that would be a gift to KC.
  3. NFL Veterans Fund

    They can figure it out. They just can't agree to get it done. It will be too much back and forth banter between the owners and the NFLPA. If the current playes had any sense they would realize that this is investing in their very own future.
  4. Darryl Stingley

    Definitely a vicious hit. Never will forget it. Jack Tatum (The Assassin) was lethal in the secondary.
  5. Got a buddy looking to get into a dynasty league

    There's an auction keeper league with openings. Check with CarrytheRock
  6. LANCE BRIGGS to Washington for #6 overall pick?

    IMO it would be a bad move by the Skins. As was stated earlier they need DL and secondary improvement. Smoot is not the answer and Springs can't stay healthy. They brought in Fletcher-Baker already to strengthen the LB group. If they want to part ways with the #6, they should try to pick up some draft picks. After the 1st round, they don't pick again until the 5th round. Too much to give away for a LB who will have to rely on a sub-par DL to keep blockers off of him.

    I agree 100%. They did not have to score a TD on 4th but could have gotten the 1st down. The FG screwup was bad but I think calling that quick pass to Glenn inside the three yard line (approx.) was a bonehead call. Too risky and it blew up in their face.
  8. Offensive comeback player of the year

    T. Henry. He has put together a helluva season.
  9. Gumbel and Vermeil

    yeah, but Romo still missed the 3-pointer
  10. Gumbel and Vermeil

    This is gonna be along nite. And add to it Vermeil is hoarse and can barely talk. Just great.
  11. Anyone else sit Hass last night?

    I took him out and replaced him with Bulger. :fingers crossed:
  12. What can we expect from S.Jackson tonight..?

    Came through big time for me, especially since I was up against the Chicago DEF. SJAX put me in the championship game.
  13. Dallas @ Giants

    Wow!! You can win a game with a made FG? Who knew?
  14. Dallas @ Giants

    hes gonna make this
  15. Dallas @ Giants

    Good call whomp