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  1. SI's list of 5 coaches that will in the SB

    Which leads me to Mr. Barry "Six-shooter" Switzer.
  2. SI's list of 5 coaches that will in the SB

    Can't believe they actually left off Madden. He should've made the list just because the players were able to lift his fat ass onto their shoulders after the win.
  3. SI's list of 5 coaches that will in the SB

    If winning 1 Super Bowl (Ewbanks) puts you on the list, shouldn't Iron Mike be on this stupid list? Much better team than the Jets were. Garbage.
  4. New IDP Dynasty League forming.

    Put me in on the waiting list. Like to be a part of the action.
  5. NFL trivia question about defensive formations

    The Cowboys used the 3-4 for a hign percentage of their snaps this past season. i believ Houston uses the 3-4 also.
  6. Whats your age?

    Grateful for 41 years and counting.
  7. A Challenge to the huddle.

    Since it is a "Cafe", do you think that they have to type with their pinky finger lifted up.
  8. A Challenge to the huddle.

    Although the pictures were creative, they were very distracting. I tried to read just one thread and i was .
  9. Good news for me today!

    Congrats Grits. Much deserved and long overdue.
  10. Wilson Pickett Died

    Pickett was great. Never got all the recognition he deserved.
  11. eh, hello LOST last night.

    Overall, I thought it was a pretty good episode. I think the writers have opened it up with the first 2 episodes to lead to a season ending showdown. Sayid, Eko, and Ann Lucia building an army to cnfront the Others. Since everyone on the island has a direct or indirect connection to death already, could be quite a battle. Still think that there is a connection between Libby and the whole DHARMA experiment.
  12. huddle super bowl square board

    Sent #12 TripleW64 (probably shows up as mb-vacation)
  13. huddle super bowl square board

    Gets me in before the cutoff at 25.
  14. huddle super bowl square board

  15. No problem with that.
  16. Count me in. Just pass along the info.
  17. Golden Globes

    Ah man... I thought this was a booby thread.
  18. 2 months salary?!?

    Good info here... I was an Asst. Manager at one of national retail jewelers in the early '90s. We were trained to tell customers that. Didn't follow their line of thinking when I got engaged. A lot of people get stuck on wanting a carat or 2 carat ring. Just remember that the carat just represents the weight of the diamond. So some 1 carat diamonds look different than others. (ie, A 6'5" 160 man looks a lot different than a 5'6" 160lb man. ) The other thing, if you get multiple diamonds on the ring, they will typically say TDW or total Diamond Weight.
  19. Jets HC

  20. Leon Lett II

    come on Champ. He should know better than that.
  21. Leon Lett II

    Everybody wants to celebrate before the play is finished. Had that challenge gone the other way, that coulda been HUGH.
  22. arent there bigger problems in this world...

    I saw Pam in person during a trip to Long Beach about three years ago. They were filming an episode of VIP in the buiding. She really isn't as attractive in person, IMO. Very skinny, with over-sized tits made her look like a capitol P.
  23. ugh

    Siragusa What a tool.
  24. Divisional PO Eve

    Good points PD. I think it may also have to do with teams like Philly, CAR that were "new" to the SB taking some time to settle into the game. This year has only 2 teams (NE & CAR) with recent SB experience, but 6 out of 8 coaches have been there before. Could make a difference.
  25. Divisional PO Eve

    This weekend and the Conf. finals are the best. Basically the equivalent to NCAA Final Four. Super Bowl has not ben as fun. Except for the occassional "wardrobe malfunction."