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  1. Goal line stand

    \ stepped out of the room before the call. what crap did the come up with - incomplete pass or something?
  2. Next season's opener

    You're only half right. Word has it that ESPN is in the process of cloning Bruschi to have a matchup on thursday night of Bruschi vs. Bruschi. they hit a negiotiations snag when the doctors eliminated the stroke from Bruschi-II.
  3. Cowboys and Giants Fans How about a little bet

    C'mon Monday. these jeans are riding up and this t-shirt makes my nipples itch.
  4. no good movies anymore!

    If you remember, so did Lost in Translation.
  5. If LJ was the starter all year...

    And how, exactly, were you weaned?
  6. If LJ was the starter all year...

    Oh yeah? Well mom likes me best.
  7. If LJ was the starter all year...

    It's just the new rage.
  8. It's never to early....

    Hey General, throw my name into the helmet. Sounds interesting. Don't care much for having Deadskins on my squad anyway.
  9. First Round Bye Question

    I have a Bye this week, but in an effort to keep owners interested (and from tanking at the end of the season), everyone is still eligible to win high points honors for the week, $25. So i'll still be checking, but I will keep an eye on the other matchups moreso than usual.
  10. Free Advice

    Alright Rew, let's get one more in there. Standard performance, 1st rnd of the playoffs. QB - Brady, Hasslebeck (need 1) RB - JJones, Duckett, Bennett, CTaylor* (need 2) WR - Glenn, Harrison, JSmith, DJax (just picked up Djax, need 2) Both QBs have tempting matchups, although SA could steal some of Hass's thunder. RB's will probably have to start JJ (disappointing both fantasy and as a fan) but Duckett and Bennett are toss-ups. Taylor is of no help. * thinking of dropping Taylor for Rhodes in case Indy sits Edge. This is more for the next round of playoffs. WR - a group of any week guys. thanks.
  11. Here is my new avatar and sigline

    Feeling your pain Steeler and Menudo.

    My apologies. I was looking at the beagles depth chart and it has Gordon listed as the backup but it seems that Moats will probably get the majority of the carries. I guess the blaring visual of my new avi has blinded me. Still don't think either RB is a good play.

    L GOrdon is his backup, but with a weak O-Line, no QB and sub-par WRs, I don't know if he'll be of any help to you or the Beagles.
  14. Post your made playoffs percentage

    3-0. All leagues are non-Huddler. I'm #1 seed in 2, and #2 seed in the other. Will look to join a huddler league next season. There's been a lot of "good info here" which helped me get a high seed.
  15. Hope no one needed much from Hasselbeck!

    Agreed. I still need 5 points from SA or Jurevious to get high points for the week. Locked up the H2H win and #1 seed earlier.
  16. Cowboys and Giants Fans How about a little bet

    Nice tailor. One size fits all.
  17. Who's #3?

    but who is the next best RB? It's easy to say Edgerrin James but Tiki Barber and Larry Johnson are putting up great numbers. If (always the "if") Tiki wasn't getting getting pulled for goal-line carries, would he have a better TD ratio? Likewise if LJ was starting the whole season, would he have better stats than EJ? I'm slightly favoring EJ but LJ is very close and he (LJ) has helped me lock up my spot in the playoffs.
  18. Who's #3?

    My leagues top 10 LT2 SA Edge Jordan Barber Westbrook LJ SJackson Dunn Rudi IMO, I couldn't put Jordan, Westbrook or even Tiki ahead of LJ.
  19. Who's #3?

    Tiki has put up good numbers in terms of total yards and YPC, but only 6 rushing TDs (1 in the month of November) makes him slip down some.
  20. Rackers Update

    The Cards have to make sure that he's available for their playoff run.
  21. Who's #3?

    I think LJ could put up big numbers in the Bronchos running scheme even though he would be in a RBBC situation. But there is no denying the plug-n-play scheme that they have.
  22. Cowboys and Giants Fans How about a little bet

    I'm in. Another step toward Big D reclaiming the division title.
  23. D@mn you Jerry Jones

    Bledsoe audibled out of a run play to run the quick screen to Glenn. [From] But the drive stalled when the Cowboys threw a pass on third-and-one from their 48-yard line. With the Broncos stacking the line with nine defenders, Bledsoe checked out of a run play and threw a quick pass to Glenn, who dropped it.
  24. D@mn you Jerry Jones

    Terrible audible on 3 and 1 to try the quick screen to T. Glenn. From the looks I had of the play, DEN was blitzing and the CB was in press coverage. If he was going to audible, I would have preferred to see a slant pattern. I had a bad feeling from the beginning as soon as I saw the Cowboys wearing the blue spamshirts at home. Always a bad sign. SEE: WAS 14 DAL 13.
  25. Why kneel?

    You may not remember, this but it was major in the history of Giants/Eagles history. On November 19, 1978, Herman Edwards crafted the play that defined his career. With the help of the bumbling New York Giants, he raced into NFL immortality with a fumble that never should have occurred. Edwards was a cornerback with the Philadelphia Eagles, a franchise that finished above .500 only once since 1962. Losing was a learned trade, and on this day the Eagles had displayed their craft well. With 1:23 remaining and New York leading by five, the Giants intercepted a Ron Jaworski pass at their 21-yard line. The Eagles, 6-5 at the time, appeared to be headed toward another defeat, while the Giants (5-6) were looking to even their record and renew the promise of their 5-3 start. All the Giants needed to do was run out the clock. Quarterback Joe Pisarcik took a knee on the next play, but Philadelphia linebacker Frank LeMaster bowled over center Jim Clack. With the Giants angry, instead of calling another kneel down they decided to call a running play. On the next play, Edwards used a swim move to get by guard Kotar. The ball came loose and Edwards scooped it up and ran for the endzone. The 26-yard return gave the Eagles a 19-17 victory and shocked Giants Atadium. Rule of thumb: Kneel when you can.