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  1. All Cowboys fans please pray that

    I saw this on the NFL Network last night. Hate to see it happen as a Cowboys fan. Granted he has a ton of talent, but the baggage is just too much. Right now, the Beagles are a divided locker room on who wants to TO be there and who wants him out. Not good.
  2. Who is Seattle's #2 WR?

    Hoping it's JJ, but have not found any evidence one way or the other. Any 'Hawks homers know what's up with this?
  3. What to do when a commish cheats?

    From an owner, non-commish standpoint, I have to agrees with CLIAZ. I would be p!ssed to find out that a commish had modified his lineup after the deadline without notifying the other commish of his reason for doing so. It removes all integretity from the league. Especially in a situation where the QB is on a bye. It's not like it was a GTD and the guy couldn't get to a pc in time. He had the whole week to set his lineup. Get rid of the pig!
  4. QB dilemna

    Tough call on the starting QB. Both matchups are favorable but also have some negatives. Palmer vs Colts Def. Game could be a shootout but Colts have a tough (#4?) defense. Palmer struggled against PIT and JAX which have good defenses. Hasselbeck vs SF Def. Could be a big day for Hass since SF has no pass defense. But if SAlexander torches them for 150, 3TDs there may be no need to throw the ball. Thoughts?
  5. WEEK 11 QB & RB Starters

    Gotta go with SA & LJ (I'm counting on them also). I think Brunell might put up better numbers against OAK.
  6. Anyone care for a T.O. sigline bet?

    Two trains of thought pushed me to picked up TO and release T. Williamson: 1) If the arbitrator declares that he should be made a part of the team (meetings, practice, etc) the Beagles will still probably start off making him inactive. But what happens if one of their HOF receivers gets injured and TO has behaved as best he can (for an idiot). Do they then play him?? 2.) What if the Beagles try to save face and decide that it's better to play against him on the fied as an opponent than in the locker room and on the sidelines? Number two is less likely but either way if he does make it back to the playing field he would be a good FFL playoff addition. In my case, cutting Williamson was not going to make me or break me. Could be wrong but....
  7. The RBBC effect

    I think it may have some impact on first round draft picks. It may have a greater impact on starting lineups. maybe sitting a guy because the coach is using RBBC more or depending on the league, starting 2 RBs from the same team. Not sure if I personally would be comfortable doing that on the regular, but we may start seeing owners do it more often.
  8. Eagles

    The pass thrown by McNabb was definetly a bad throw IMO. Just as in the Dallas/Seattle game, Bledsoe threw a game-breaking pick. But in both cases, the TEAM lost the game. Was it McNabb's fault when the Cowboys drove down the field in 4 plays to get within 6? I don't think so. For the 1st time all year Philly had a running game, and Reid decides to throw the ball. Why not run a draw or screen to Westbrook? As far as TO is concerned, I'd be happy to let him stay in Philly and terrorize a division rival. He's a talent but not worth the baggage.
  9. TO of Old

    C'mon dude. Yes the Eagles are paying him to be a football player. But they are not paying him to talk trash about the company (front office) or other players. I don't think many of us, no matter how good we are at our respective jobs, would be employed long if we said the things about management that he said. BTW Drew... I thought the standard response was "Next question."
  10. Even I'M sick of Bruschi coverage by now

    Glad to hear that even die-hard Pats fans have heard enough of this.
  11. PacMan's Attempted Tackle

    It wasn't THAT bad. He did say "Excuse me. Sorry for almost knocking you down."
  12. Eagles Run Is Over

    and just like that.... TD Bronchos.
  13. Eagles Run Is Over

    Not so fast. Champ Bailey is hurting bad and TO is killing him.
  14. whats worse

    Sucking is much worse. You can't do anything about injuries, but making piss-poor decisions on draft day (Harrington in the 3rd round) is strictly on the owner. I did fall under the bus for Harrington/Garcia in the 8th (team QB league) but I dumped them after the second week when I saw that Harrington didn't know he was actually supposed to throw the ball so that a teammate could actually have a chance of catching it.
  15. Aikman

    Other than the 3 Super Bowls!! That's just like the classic "Weel Mrs. Lincoln, other than that how was the play?" Who do you think was the leader of the three SB teams? How many HOF qbs never even sniffed 1 Super Bowl, much less won one of them. He gets in first ballot BECAUSE he led the team to three SB wins.
  16. Geezers "only"

    Dallas Cowboys Weekly has a pretty decent "Where are they now?" piece on Danny. Some of the highlights: Cowboys career: 1976-88. SB XII, SB XIII; NFC title game, '80, '81, '82; Pro Bowl, '82; ranked in top 10 NFL passers four times (best: '82, fourth, 156-247, 63.2 pct., 2,079 yards, 16 TD, 12 int., 91.1 rating); ranked in top 10 NFC punters seven times (best: '79, second, 41.7 avg., net 36.0). He became the starter in 1980, his fourth year. So doing the math, if he was in the top ten punters seven times, he had to do it as a starting qb for at least three years. Edit: He did have one memorable come from behind victory against the 'Skins on MNF.
  17. Geezers "only"

    Danny did continue to handle the punting duties for a while as the starting QB. In one game, while in punt formation, he ran for a first down because he was "too tired to punt" As was mentioned in other posts, he was a very "good" QB statistically. Bad timing (Staubach successor), aging talent around him, and never winning the big one or posting a heroic come from behind victory was his claim to fame. That and the infamous "No Danny, No" from Landry.
  18. And the new coach of the Vikings will be...

    Greg Williams has proven that he can put together a top-notch defense and has previous (although not great) HC experience. I don't think he stays in Washington much longer. It may not be MN (which could use some discipline) but it will be somewhere.
  19. Shaun Alexander to come up big Sunday?

    Gonna be one of those times for me. Starting SA in my local. Wanting him to have a good game (75, 2TDs) BUT the Cowboys to have a better game.
  20. The BIG Disappointments that are being benched

    I probably will have to start a hurting K Jones. I missed out and left LJ on the bench against MIA.
  21. If you could hang out with any Athlete for a day

    wouldn't that make you the "odd ball"?
  22. If you could hang out with any Athlete for a day

    Jesus any day, all day. Then Muhammad Ali, no doubt.
  23. Why does every one think the Boy's

    Pretty nice commute there. Gotta be close to 90 minutes or more. I have it real tough right now. Contract with USDA in Beltsville. Travel time ~ 15 minutes. Before this contract I was driving the Beltway to Vienna, VA or hopping a plane to Montgomery, AL.
  24. Why does every one think the Boy's

    I'm in Lanham. Moved from El Paso in 1980.
  25. Why does every one think the Boy's

    I'm in Maryland, fighting for the pride and tradition of the Cowboys against 'Skins fans every day. Even had an old lady bust me out for wearing a Cowboys cap AFTER I held the door for her. So if PantherDave needs a REAL Cowboys fan to donate some money to, I have no problem letting him no how to get his money to me.