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  1. Why does every one think the Boy's

    If you're looking for a true Cowboy fan that won't sit back and have a p-cat bust out on his team, here I am. PD, you can pay my fee in 06.
  2. AJ Feely traded to the Chargers

    First thing I did when I saw the,.. uh,... socks.. More would be appreciated.
  3. Cowboys vs. Seahawks

    True. Marty did have a serious brain fart that day. But right now the one weakness that Dallas has shown on DEF is the susceptibility to the deep ball, which they have seemingy cleared up and SEA hasn't shown so far. If DAL can safely play 8 man fronts it will be tough yards for SA. Typically in an evenly matched game, which we are pretty much in agreement that it is, the home team is given 3 points. If I not mistaken. BTW, I own SA in my local money league and have been riding him to a 4-2 record. Still would rather lean on someone else this weekend and have my 'Boys win the game.
  4. Chris Perry.....

    Unless you're on the Washington Redskins and your name is Lavar Arrington.
  5. Cowboys vs. Seahawks

    Gotta go with the Defense. Both teams have important personnel missing. I agree that the Dallas corners should be able to handle the 'Hawks WRs leaving the front 7 and Roy to do some timely blitzes. Cowboys 27 'Hawks 17 Hasselbeck 2 INTs
  6. anyone hear any news on fragile Freddies status? Edit: I know they have a bye coming up, but wondering if he is scheduled to return after the bye.
  7. Kevin Jones?

    I have him 2 leagues. I had him benched for the last few weeks. After he "stumbled" into a couple of TDs, I once again started him this week. Disappointed yet again. And now he's dinged up. I don't completely blame him though. It's a terrible situation in DET. No QB, no WRs, no OLine. Their DEF is outscoring them!
  8. In a standard 1/10 rush/rec, 6/TD league. Current RBs are SA, KJ, LJ, Benson, DFoster. Must start 2 RBs. So far SA has picked up the slack for a non-existent RB2. A. Stecker, C. Perry, GJones and P. Pass are available. Thinking of dropping benson for one of them. Anyone one of them a step up Benson?
  9. Dumb move by the Commish and league members. Trade should stand.
  10. Who else goy suckered into starting T. Thompson

    had to set my lineup early also. didn't really matter because my alternatives (other than JJ) were Benson and C Taylor. No true S1 RB (MMoore the other starter) .
  11. In which sport is home field advantage

    I would say basketbal - both NBA and especially NCAA. Players know the "sweet spots" on the court and are used to the bounce of the rims. Then, in many cases, the crowd is in a smaller, more confined venue and can really become voca, After BBall, would be football. Trying to call an audible on the road can be almost impossible.
  12. Tice to turn up the discipline

    Tice: "Hey guys, don't that anymore or I'm gonna be real mad at you." Instead of the traditional gatorade bath, Tice gets
  13. Sure wish I had a Huddle league to join

    Well when your born in El Paso TX it helps. My mother decided to move to MD in '80 for better employment opportunies (which there are). Me? At 15, I came along with the luggage -kicking and screaming. But I'm used to it now. There are LOTS of Cowboy fans here. FedEX field has quite a tint of blue come time for 'Skins/Cowboys game
  14. Sure wish I had a Huddle league to join

    Up until 4 minutes of the 4th quarter , it's been great. I take a lot of ragging around the office, but I'm able to dish out enough of my own. Online works for me. Just sick of starting out with 10-12 owners and by week 5, it's down to7 or 8. Sucks.
  15. Sure wish I had a Huddle league to join

    Unfortunately I'm not local to Dallas. I'm in the WashDC suburbs (better known as Maryland). Any other openings, I'd be interested in.
  16. Sure wish I had a Huddle league to join

    First year Huddler, and I'll be looking for a league next year. It's lame going head to head with a team that has a lineup of T. Rattay, D. McAllister and J. Walker.
  17. JJones did not practice today ....

    He is a local guy. Went to HS in the D/FW area. Have to get another homer's insight for more details. I haven't lived in TX for 20 years. Been living it up in the heart of Deadskin-land, but I keep up with my "home team."
  18. Cheap Shot

    That was totally sick. Good for UVA, but it should've been more than 1 game.
  19. Best trades...

    Are the other nine players allowed to stay up after 8:00pm on a school night?
  20. Andre Johnson

    Exactly. I lived through the misery and hope last year. This year, I put white-out over his name on my draft sheet.
  21. Could we all please agree...

    C'mon guys. Let's just take it one post at a time and give it 110%. If we just keep our nose to the grindstone and take care of business then BOOM! things will fall into place. Know whut I'm saying?
  22. Monday Night! What do U Need 2 Win?!

    I've got Gates + 40 points going against LT. Winner has 1st place in the division.
  23. Is the sunday game tape delayed?

    Technology is a terrible thing.
  24. How long Jurevicius keep THIS up?

    Dropped Stokely yesterday and picked up Jurevicius, Needless to say, it worked out great and helped me get a much needed win. Tied for 1st in the divison at 3-2 after starting 0-2.
  25. 115 total yards of offense

    I agree. The key to beating Philly is not letting TO or Westbrook light up the secondary. McNabb is tough, but if he gets hit just right (like in ATL) he's going down for an extended period.