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  1. 115 total yards of offense

    It was a great day - for the Cowboys and my fantasy team (started Witten, Glenn, Jones). Just had a feeling that they would play well this week. People at work were teasing me all week, but I kept saying that Philly needed to look out.
  2. Jamal Lewis-

    I watched the game today and he did not look to finish off runs like he did in the past nor did he show any real explosiveness. He has always been the type to take a lot of little quick steps before hitting the hole. It's not working now and his line is not getting it done. One thing I did notice was that after every 2-3 carries, he was on the sideline sucking wind. Not good for Week 5. Taylor is getting a lot of his carries.
  3. Ashley Lelie

    Dump Shelie. Go with McDonald, especially with Curtis on the bench.
  4. Donald Driver

    IMO I think it has to do with the fact that Favre has been spreading the ball around to Driver, Ferguson and Chapman. I use Driver in one league and he has done OK, not spectacular. He should be the No 1 guy but just when i need him to come up with the TD, it goes to one of the other WRs. He is the No 1 guy in GB, but the No 2 on my team behind Holt.
  5. What is up with Lavar Arrington?

    The Washington Post has a good article talking about the salary cap issue. IMO, along with the salary cap, part of it boils down to LA's rep for freelancing (which Def Coord Williams hates), them wanting to play guys that will be with them in '06, and possibly the fact that he stuck it to Danny-boy for the $6mil signing bonus (he only got some of it though). It kinda reminds me of years ago when Al Davis stuck Marcus Allen on the bench for a couple seasons and then sent him to KC because Davis just didn't like him. If you have him as an IDP, he's not going to get you very much. From the Post "Arrington has essentially been relegated to the fifth linebacker on the roster, behind the three starters, as well as reserve Chris Clemons. Khary Campbell is the sixth linebacker, but even he gets on the field more than Arrington, given his key role on special teams. Arrington took part in two plays in Sunday's win over Seattle and sat out the entire second half despite the Seahawks' comeback, which included a 91-yard drive that tied the game at 17 in the waning minutes. The coaches have given no indication that Arrington's role will increase anytime soon, and it may require injuries to other linebackers for him to play regularly."
  6. Tice..............

    Don't look now, but Tice has been given the vote of confidence, ie "kiss of death", by Zygi.
  7. Is it possible that the new Colts offense calls for Stokely to be the decoy? Surely there must be some mystical game plan in place that explains why he only has 10 receptions. Maybe it's a long term plan to lull the defenses into forgetting about him for the first 8 games then Stokely reels off 100 gazillion TDs. Or maybe they just want my Fantasy team to SUCK!
  8. Does Stokely play for the Colts?

    True. My WR corps has me in a hole. Holt has done very well, Burleson, who I was counting on as my #2, has been out and wasn't a factor when he played. that left me with using Stokely or B. Edwards as my #2. Neither has produced anything of consequence.
  9. What's the RB deal in Detroit?

    A lot of it rests with Millen. Why use three consecutive 1st round picks on WRs and have no one that can throw the ball to a guy with the same uniform. And even if they had a QB that could throw a decent pass, the OL doesn't give enough time for the WR to run his route. Might as well have a blocking sled in front of the D-line. Their idea of protection is helping the RB up after he's been crushed by the defense.
  10. Anyone else lose because of

    Needed a fill-in DEF since PITT had a bye. Picked up the Niners to go against, what I thought, was an anemic Cards offense. Not what I expected but good results. Got me to 2-2 in this crazy season.
  11. Rivers making waves

    ESPN. com has an article about Rivers feeling "like I didn't do anything to today." SD has cap space but it's a ton of money wrapped up in 2 QBs. Any SD homers able to weigh in Rivers' future in SD? Several teams out there could use a young QB.
  12. Jamal Lewis: Will he do ANYTHING ?

    Working on trading him away right now. I send Lewis and receive J Smith and Mewelde. My other starter is JJones. Going to try to do a second trade with Mewelde, B. Edwards and D. Stallworth for T. Jones and a bum to be named later (I have C. Benson already). This guy's team has no WRs. His starters are R. Wayne (done nothing) and I. Bruce (turf toe).
  13. Lelie

    No waiting to see the end of this movie. Dropping him for Brandon Lloyd for my #3, at least he can catch and score. Why I drafted a football player named "Ashley" I'll never know.

    3-0. Standard 12 team performance league. Palmer*, Plummer, Roethlisberger (picked up last week for trade bait) LT2*, Rudi*, KJ Lelie*, Branch*, Glenn, R. Williams C.Cooley* Bengals*, Lions J. Reed* Now that QBs are dropping like flies, I should be able to move Roeth or Plummer for a solid WR.
  15. Broncho Homers

    Seems like that would be the proper Huddler thing to do, wouldn't Hugh agree.
  16. Homer Nation

    Always a Dallas homer since '72 living in El Paso. Now lovinig it even more now that I've been in the DC area since '84. BTW... Septien was the kicker and D. White (No Danny No ) was the punter in 77.
  17. Pennington Done for the season

    Game over. I thought he was killing me with Painington in there. I guess he'll really shine with a 3rd string qb. Mr. Coles meet Mr. Bench.
  18. DMD showing that Dallas bias...

    Whenever the 'Boys play it's the GOTW. But you'd probably say that I was biased.
  19. Monday Night Matchups!

    I'm up 28 with LJ still to play and he has Gonzo. Hopefully KC sticks to the running game.
  20. C.Palmer or J. Plummer

    I have both Plummer and Palmer. Never even thought about starting Plummer. QB - C. Palmer, J. Plummer RB - LT, KJ, Rudi, MMoore WR - R. Williams, D. Branch, A. Lelie, B. Lloyd TE - CCooley DEF - Lions, Bengals K - JReed 2-0 because of Palmer and Rudi.
  21. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    I had heard that one of the former female MNF sideline reporters was supposed to pose for play boy. Anyone hear about that?
  22. what do you need on MNF?

    I'm down 15 points in a standard performance league (1/10 ru/rec, 6/TD) I have JJ and Witten. If they can combine for 2 TDs, that should get me a win. Go Cowboys. 2-0
  23. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Same pick (Do you have 2 Bears?) Cowboys 31 JJ 110 yds 2 TDS Wash 13
  24. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    Only a glass? I drank th e whole darn pitcher. KJ in two leagues. And now he will be on the bench in 2 leagues until he (and the lions) shows some consistent offense.
  25. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    Benched hasselbeck for harrington.