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  1. Shut up M Irvin

    nice thread that turned into a pissing war about whether Bush should get Brett Favre to buy Javon an official hurricane Katrina knee pad. Oh the humanity!!
  2. Shut up M Irvin

    Hey, I resemble that remark.
  3. Shut up M Irvin

    Agreed 100%. It was an on-field injury. Favre did not get in his Mississippi pick-up and run him over. What Favre did do was "get your butt to camp" and then "Wow. you got hurt. too bad. "
  4. Shut up M Irvin

    its definitely not chump change where I work, but where he works it is. If work at Kmart, I expect Kmart money. If I work at IBM or Dell, I expect that kind of money. The money in the NFL or any professional sport is outrageous. We know that. I don't see how that is the focus of the topic. You have a second-string lineman making 500K. As a Cowboy fan, I've had to deal with Irvin's antics for many years. But on this one I agree that this was not Brett's place to speakly to the media about javons contract. Speaking privately between the two of them is different. That's when he could did the whole "good of the team" piece.
  5. Shut up M Irvin

    Refresh my memory guys. When Ward held out in PIT, did Bettis scream for him to get back to cam? What about Brees? Did he say anything to the media about Gates? Brett, the undisputed leader of the team and an icon in GB told Javon to get back to camp. I am not one to agree with renegiotating on a contract after 1 good year, but Walker has proven himself. $$ that we make (most of us) can not be put into this equation because its a different world in pro sports. What Brett did IMO was wrong and that is what Irvin is saying. Not that it was Bretts fault that Javon got hurt, as many posts have alluded to. Irvin, if i read correctly, said that Javon got hurt and the injury could cost him him money in the future and that was what he was trying to protect himself fromwhen Brett called him out. BTW, if u think GB is going to give a "good faith" contract, you're crazy. SD did it for gates and Pit, notorious oenny pinchers, did it for Ward the week that each reported. Walker has been there for weeks with no movement from GB front office.
  6. How do you fly your team’s colors at work?

    I live/work in heart of Deadskin country. In my office I have a Mouse pad, coffee mug, desk calendar, yard rock w/the Star (couldn't go in the yard because I thought it might come through the living room window), Washington Post Sports front page from both victories last year (will add this year's), post-it note holder. the car has an emblem and license tag holder. Had a spare tire coover but it disappeared. Just enough to let every Deadskin fan walking by know that The Cowboys have won 14 out of 15 against them.
  7. Dallas homers/fans

    Have to agree with you. I think it's going to be a lot spreading the ball around. with the emergence of Crayton, and Price waiting on the sideline, Keyshawn will only have a few (rare) 2 TD games.
  8. Ok, so what's the skinny on Witten?

    I read that on the Cowboys site earlier this week. Fanball mentioned it also. In the SD game, the receivers were getting open and a lot of that can be attributed to the coverage on Witten. I don't expect him to have another 87 catch season, but I expect him to do very well. I have him in one of my leagues and was close to trading for him in another.
  9. BillFighter

    Probably th ebest NFL site that I've seen.
  10. If this weekend was Like Christmas

    i didn't think there was anymore coal left over. 3 leagues 2 confirmed losses, can win in league 3 only if D. Akers doesn't put up 10 pts. In three leagues: RB: LT, SA, RJ, JJ, J. Lewis - 2 TD WR: Harrison, R. Williams, Burleson, Driver, Holt, Lelie, Coles - 1 TD Awful, just plain awful. Oh yeah, so much for the weekly picks. Thanks Martz and the STL Lambs.
  11. Start Bench List

    clamoring is the cool thing to do. Let's hear it for the one page info sheet.
  12. King Of The Mountain

  13. CARR will hurt D.D.?

    Lets see, 1 for 5, for a whooping 4yds and 2 INTs. 'nuff said.
  14. CARR will hurt D.D.?

    I had AJ last year and refused to draft him this year. Carr was pathetic last night and even though it was the end of preseason, I don't see him getting much better. Looks like the QB draft class of '01 (Harrington, Carr, Ramsey) are not going to challenge the '83 draft.
  15. Anyone watching the Texans game

    Carr hasn't had a good pre-season and tonight he looked like snit warmed-over. If he plays like this in the regular seaon there's going to be a lot of AJohnson owners that will be pissed.
  16. Portfolio Pool

    Nice concept. Pats $110 Eagles $110 Panthers $ 95 Rams $ 85 Chargers $ 85 Total... ...$485 Change...$ 15 Winning the contest ... priceless
  17. Vikings sign

    Lee was used by the Cowboys as a return specialist moreso than a rb. (Parcells did not "trust" him for pass protection. ) He did have a 62 yard KO return against the Vikes in Week 1 last year.
  18. Saints Homers

    MSN is reporting: But New Orleans did get a bit of good news: Katrina was edging slightly to the east, which would put the western eyewall — the weaker side of the strongest winds — over the city, which lies below sea level. hopefully the shift will lessen the blow to NO and the surrounding area.
  19. Pick up C. Benson?

    Cedric Benson signed with the Bears and he was not drafted Friday in my 10 team league. My current RBs are SA, KJones, LJ, D. Foster, and Chester Taylor. I can pick up Benson but I would have to let go a rb (either Foster or Taylor.) Is CB worth the pickup? Start qb, 2rb, 3wr, te, d, k 1/10 rush/rec, 6 td, 3 for every 5 repts
  20. Injuries in week 3

    Third week of the preseason has some players injured that may cause an impact in the first few weeks of the season. A. Chatman WR, GB - neck, taken off on stretcher J. Bettis RB, PITT - strained calf S. Merriman LB, SD - Left knee J. Walker WR, GB - dislocated finger (favre fastball) JR Redmond RB, - dislocated shoulder L. Petitigout LT, NYG - ribs D. Gabriel WR, OAK - surgery on finger, will be sidelined several weeks.
  21. Kyle Orton

    oh yeah, he POSITIVELY stunk up the joint.
  22. Kyle Orton

    what a stat line... 3 of 14 for 33 yds 2INTS. Chicago today, Canton tomorrow.
  23. Kyle Orton

    Hutch couldn't even lead a team in NFL Europe. Even there he had a ton of fumbles and ints. He is no where near being an NFL calibar qb. If anyone should be drawn an quartered it should be the Bears front "orifice" for thinking that he would be the answer if (read: WHEN) Grossman got hurt. Bad move.
  24. C. Benson visited Bears today!

    so is it time to starting dumping him from the roster? it seems that if he does sign, he'll be so deep in the doghouse that he will never see the field much less have any value. now i know why he was crying on draft day.