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  1. What's the :coolest" rule in your league?

    We have a rule that if your bench players outscore your starters for the week, it's a $5 fine. Makes everyone have to keep a closer eye on the weekly starters and the individual matchups.
  2. Hello Ware

    ware will definetly lead the team in sacks this year. once spears comes back the defense will have a true pass rush. now about that passing attack...
  3. Travis Taylor wins starting job.

    robinson will be the odd man out on the rotation. look for them to line up with burleson and taylor as the starters and bring in williamson as the 3rd receiver.
  4. Cincinnati-Washington

    just as an fyi, it's been rainy and nasty all day here in DC. it will be interesting to see how Gibbs' "new" offense can handle the elements. The Hogs were sent to a BBQ and this new breed has not proven a thing. Not sure how long Rudi or chad will play, but they shoud have good games against the 'skins.
  5. Completed 1st draft late last and made a couple moves that will hopefully payoff. In a 10-team performance league. 1/10 rec, rush 1/25 pass, 6/td, -2/int, fum. Start qb, rb, 2 wr, rb/wr, te, k dst. Do the moves that I made after the draft improve my team? 1.06 J. Lewis 2.05 J. Jones 3.06 M. Harrison 4.05 T. Brady 5.06 J. Porter* 6.05 C. Benson 7.06 J. Wiggins* 8.05 Pitt DST 9.06 L.Coles 10.05 M. Hasselbeck 11.06 T. Williamson 12.05 J. Elam 13.06 C. Cooley 14.05 C. Taylor 15.06 TB DST* 16.05 J. Reed** * traded Porter, TB, Wiggins for J. Witten, TJ Duckett, D. Stallworth ** released J. Reed picked up B. Edwards Good or bad moves/draft?
  6. Serisouly thinking about going Qb,Qb,Rb

    with that format and the small number of top tier qbs, i doubt that you'll be able to grab both. get manning if you can and a stud rb. then in the 3rd, see what 2nd tier qbs are still on the board.
  7. So What do you guys think of the T.O. holdout?

    i thought he went with ravens? guess i've been spending too much time in the bahamas
  8. rice now denver's #3 WR

    stil dont think rice is worth a pick. doubt if he'll pull in more than 3-4 tds this yr.
  9. Decision Time Draft Evaluation

    Cowboys fan with a similar lineup: QB - T. Brady, M. Hasselbeck RB - J. Lewis, J. Jones, TJ Duckett, C. Taylor, C. Benson WR - M. Harrison, L. Coles, D. Stallworth, T. Williamson, B. Edwards TE - J. Witten, C. Cooley DST- PIT K - J. Elam will probably move stallworth, duckett, benson -depending how season plays out. IMO - drop some of the 'Boys - bledsoe, DST. New system, new players, coord never ran the 3-4.
  10. Pick up Braylon?

    A little help. I'm in a Performance League - 1/10 Rushing/recg, 1/25 passing, 6 TD, -2 Fum/INT Starters -QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, DST, K Should I drop Curry from Oakland to pickup Braylon Edwards. both have quest marks. Curry is behind Porter (but catching up) Edwards has Dilfer for a QB. Current Roster: QB- T. Brady M. Hasselbeck RB. J. Lewis J. Jones C. Benson TJ Duckett C. Taylor (BAL) WR - M. Harrison L. Coles D. Stallworth T. Williamson R. Curry TE- J. Witten C. Cooley DST - PIT K - J. Elam Advice...
  11. Dallas Homers

    as a lifelong dallas homer, i'd say stay away from henson. he's still having a very tough time picking up the pro game. he had a solid offseason working with sean payton (qb coach ) but now that camp has started he is regressed. bad throws, bad reads. looks like he'll be 3rd string this yr