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  1. Dallas @ Giants

    Glenn has to make that INT.
  2. Dallas @ Giants

    glad they didn't
  3. Dallas @ Giants

    DAMN TO !!!!! Thank God for Gramatica
  4. Dallas @ Giants

    really don't care who it is as long as it ends with a Dallas TD
  5. Dallas @ Giants

    FG is good. Go gramatica
  6. Dallas @ Giants

    what a stop by Ware.
  7. Dallas @ Giants

    must be his way of showing Strahan that he doesn't quit on a play. Dumb move.
  8. What about Benson for Barlow?

    No way do you make that trade. Barlow is the flavor of the minute in NY. Benson has a ton more upside even in the mess going on in CHicago.
  9. Court date tomorrow

    Best of luck to you. Hope it works out for you and the kids.
  10. Offenses that will s#ck

    Gotta agree there with the inclusion of CPortis along with Smurf Moss and Cooley. Jets - new coach, recovering QB, no RB, no WR, Defense will be on the field all day. Raiders - no QB, no Defense and Moss is already starting to show his a$$. Browns - new QB, no OL, WRs are possible bye week fillins because they will be playing catchup. RB, oh well, I already drafted Droughns before he lost 2, and now possibly a third, center.
  11. After the BIG 3 at RB, what do you do?

    I would go with: 4. R. Brown - Cpep and a better passing game should open up the running lanes 5a-b. coin toss between Tiki and Portis. Tiki will probably put up good yards but lose goal line carries again. Portis will lose some carries to Betts and the question of the shoulder being a nagging injury is still there. :close your eyes and throw a dart: 7. SJax - should be a much more complete RB than first two years.
  12. Lee Suggs now a Jet

    So the writing on the wall is getting more and more clear - Curtis Martin will retire soon.
  13. And with my 200th post I'll say...

    Some things are better left unsaid.
  14. Cadillac to catch more in '06

    Just picked up Caddy at the 1.10 spot in a draft this morning. Looking forward to those kinda stats this year.
  15. Flashback

    I would have to think to think that the price of gas would not have played a role in their decisions. The whole thing was a very twisted and sordid crime. Living in the area and having to "deal" with it at the time was surreal. My personal opinion is that it would have played out the same way. During the time of the shooting spree, there were so many reports of a white van being involved. So many in fact, that after one shooting the police stopped white vans all over the place. My question is that white vans are as common as white bread, is it possible that John Muhammad phoned in the reports to get the police off his trail? The man was very smart (in a criminal way) having gotten away from police in Washington state, Alabama and then the DC area.
  16. Broncos possibly interested in T Jones

    Good info here. I was leaning to the theory that the Bears were protecting his trade value by placing him the PUP list. Yes, I own TJones in a dynasty league and I would rather see him in Denver than in Chicago, even with the crowded backfield that they have. Even though SHanny is up-n-down with RB carries, I think that Jones would do well there.
  17. Picky eaters

    I am definitely a picky eater. Some foods I just don't care to try (sushi, oysters for example). Others I have tried (calamari, beets, asparagus) and I just don't like them. I cannot stand eggs - fried, scrambled, quiche, even most french toast will make me gag. I have adjusted to some foods like a small amount of dijon mustard (can't do regular French's).
  18. The Huddle MASTER LIST of your favorite NFL team.

    AFC: Buffalo - peepinmofo, Hause62 Miami - Duchess Jack, The Wench Patriots - ForverindebttoMoLewis Jets - Rovers Ravens - justin, Bengals - TBone Browns - loaf, KevinL Steelers- Skippy, jakethebuilder, sunysteelfly76, Pigskin Junkie, Menudo, KordellStewartSucks4Life ,Jaxfactor, Squeegie Texans- ziachild007, rhino, rbmcdonald Colts - Roller Coasters, CaptainHook Jags - h8tank Titans- Spain, TitansFan Broncos- SundayNFL Chiefs - Beaumont, Hat Trick, Chief Dick, Spartans91 Chargers- Chargerz, Danskman, Sewer-Ratt Raiders - Raider.Nation, The Vatican Hitsquad, kpholmes, Return Of S&B NFC: Cowboys - Sgt. Ryan, DMD, Codwagon, Irish, bustedflush16, KS2000, montster,JoJoTheWebToedBoy,Droobie42, Whomper,Cowboyz1,hotrod,BiggieFries, T_bone65,TripleW64 (Clubfoot got left off. ) Giants - Dirty Sanchez, Robash, Matt770, Timmypg, BigMikeinNY, JGcoach, smithkt,FrontRow Eagles- Keggerz, TDFFFreak, Zooty, Phootballphreak, i_am_the_swammi, fitzkek,Eagles Fan, Ebartender, Philly_Fanatic, EAGLE2003 Redskins - skylive5, Footballjoe, skins, ROYALWITCHEESE, Demon Knight Bears- URLACHERisGOD, Whitem0nkey, Goopster24, Ralph Furley, rhippens, rocknrobn26, blips Lions- Doc Holliday, CHIEFJAY, Puddy, CHUCKB, Egret, PolicyVote, Russman, Furd, alchico, RoadieDave Packers - Big John, SwissCheezhead, Super Twinky, Chavez, Fatman, Piratesownninjas, Driveby, Randall, PackerFanX, Wizards, Men in Tights Vikings - Kryptonite, cap'n grunge, Gopher, BillyBalata, Savage Beatings, Frazia, Rebellab, alexgaddis Falcons - Apathy, Big Score 1 Panthers-PantherDave, rdaled Saints- Slayer, rajncajn, cordo Bucs - Jolly Rodgers Cards Rams - carrb69,cre8tiff, wiegie, Niners- bier, 9ersdude, REZ Seahawks-Seahawk37, godtomsatan, NoSupe4You
  19. Julius Jones article

    Good article. Nice to see how far they've come and still help each other.
  20. Veterans

    Thanks to all that have served.
  21. LOST

    not to mention that she got busted at least once for DUI in Hawaii and played the typical "do you know who I am" game.
  22. Do you play in at least one IDP League?

    thanks CTR. Me too.
  23. Lost

    "Henry" is definitetly in Locke's head. He's got him twisted. The whole map thing only flashed while Henry was in the control booth. My guess is he displayed that in another step to get to Locke. I think that Henry is a plant to see just how much they know about the hatch. The healer definitely freaked out. Kinda like he had a premonition or something. The island prbly had some affecton on Libby and maybe stablized her or something. As far as Vincent is concerned, he's just like the rest of the cast - here for an episode, gone for three more. Sayid was scarce tonight and Claire didn't do very much. Not a "burner" of an episode but pretty solid. Still keeping my interest.