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  1. big winners/losers in FA

    Cleveland, Tennessee, and (gulp) Dallas. Not so much TO, but they got some depth at LB and the OL. NYG, NE, and SF (even with LAllen) did nothing to improve.
  2. Keyshawn Signs with Panthers

    I think that was a pretty good signing for the Panthers. He's a big target that can work underneath the deep threat of Smith.
  3. Threes companny, four is a housefull

    Well Done!!! Congratulations.
  4. Greatest play i ever saw!

    Now that was a helluva play.
  5. L.A. Car Chase--worth a look

    I saw it there about 10 mins ago. Renamed to "Droopy pants suspect drives against traffic, flees on foot. But I'm having difficulty getting connected to CNN so no link.
  6. I Just Got Banned From Another Site

    Say it ain't so. You can't say TWOOBS on other sites?!
  7. best fight scene in a movie

    Return of the Dragon - Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. Classic martial arts.
  8. And for my 1000th, I give you.....

    congrats pork.
  9. caption this pic.

    And this one time, at band camp...
  10. Cowboy Fans Huddle Up!

    +1 Diehard Cowboys fan from the early '70s. Voted I don't know because there are so many intangibles, beginning and ending with TO's attitude. Dallas has a lot of holes -OL, depth/youth at QB, and then the WRs. The signing of TO certainly addresses the WR but Dallas still has to get some players on the OL. Flozell is coming off an ACL and LA had a good season but is old an extremely expensive. The key to this whole deal will be the play of the OL and if they can give Bledsoe time to throw the ball. If that happens (and TO had an epiphany while in exile) then the Cowboy offense could be a Def Coord nightmare. Glenn, TO, Witten, JJ/MBIII. Many weapons to chose from. I just hope that Jerry has a plan to put the Prozac in the Gatorade.
  11. Harrington wants out?

    Have to agree with Policy. Joey was the "face" of the Lions and he did not want to deal with it anymore. All of us have a point where we say enough is enough.
  12. Falcons hire a lawyer

  13. Harrington wants out?

    Even so, the team could have come to him to let him know that he and Kitna would compete for the job. Make him feel wanted. But they chose to say "OK, leave then." Not that I see harrington as a great Qb by any stretch of the imagination and Detroit did not need to kiss his ass. It's not like the rest of the league was breaking down Millen's door making offers for him. He knew that he was going to be #2 there.
  14. Harrington wants out?

    With Kitna and McCown now in the picture it's no wonder that he does. It's kinda like coming home and your wife has a brought home 2 new boyfriends to live in the house.
  15. NCAA Tournament online - link

    Blacked-out for that game
  16. Here is a question for you all

    that's pretty cool.
  17. NCAA Tournament online - link

    I was number 5715. Took about 15 minutes to get in.
  18. LB Willie McGinest set to Visit with Dallas

    It would be a move to really help solidify the 3-4 scheme that Parcells wants to run.
  19. Now that TO is gone

    Saw it right after I posted.
  20. If you were a BOY in the 70's.....

    Getting a years supply of Rice-a-Roni (that San Francisco treat) as a"lovely parting gift" after losing on a game show. Password (the game show) Match Game (the game show) ABC's Wide World of Sports Farrah Fawcett poster Every girl had the same Farrah hairstyle black lights and the posters, usually velvet, that would kinda glow Hot Wheels with the orange track Edit to add: Didn't have a Ken doll but I had Big Jim, Big Josh, GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip and an Evel Kneivel w/windup motorcyle that could jump his van
  21. Guess what I'm drinking

    Secretion from a one legged midget that worked at IH You type too fast. I was on it.
  22. Business Cards

    I've used Overnight prints several times. Good prices and quality. I would recommend taking a look at their site. If you are particular with logo placement, you may have to check their guidelines with your logo though.
  23. What would you like to see you team do?

    I would like to see the Cowboys get younger at QB and WR. Not sure how/if it can happen at QB, but I wouldn't mind seeing Chad jackson or Santanio Holmes drafted, especially with Key-gawn. Need to continue improving the OL. Picking up Kosier was a solid move but there is still work to be done there. Too many unproven guys that are basically a work in progress (Al Johnson, Rob Petitti, Torrin Tucker). Also, I'm not sure if I'm ready to drink the Kool-aid and sign TO.
  24. For Cliaz

    Most women will tell you that no two are exactly the same size so these TWOOBS are pretty much on target.