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  1. Hopefully Big Cat will work the Southern Charm

    Personally surprised to see 6. Cleveland Browns (lower) 11. Baltimore Ravens (lower) 14. Tennessee Titans (lower) 15. Detroit Lions (lower) 25. San Francisco 49ers (Higher) 27. Raiders (higher) It seems kinda upside for those teams.
  2. OT: RIP Kirby Puckett

    I've never been a big baseball fan, but I always liked the way Kirby played on the occasions that I watched. Team leader, played hard and had fun. It's further proof how even pro athletes are not immune to common illnesses - glaucoma and then a stroke. RIP Kirby.
  3. Mel Kiper mock draft

    As ad as the Cowboys need an OL, I would love to see them snag Chad Jackson. Keyshawn and Terry have played well, but they are getting up there in years.
  4. Skins release Arrington

    THat was my thought also. He knew that he was no in good standing with the coaching staff and his contract was too prohibitive for the 'Skins to keep him. So why not get out early and see what the market is willing to pay before teams have used up all their money.
  5. Alexander resigns with Hawks

    He probably would have come close to the same type of money on the free market IMO. It's probably a typical NFL contract with a large signing bonus and large $$ at the backend that he will never see. Most players signing for that type of money either get the contract renegiotiated later or end up being the classic salary cap casualty.
  6. Alexander resigns with Hawks

    It looks like Seattle is trying to follow the script of putting your team in cap purgatory...err if there is a cap.
  7. Alexander resigns with Hawks

    Not bad if you can get it.
  8. Interesting point never discussed

    That would be interesting if the owners brought that up as part of their negiotation. "We have to share our money. Now you share yours." Might get the players to be a little more flexible in their demands.
  9. Calling all KC, CLE, TEN, NO & JAX Homers

    what do you think everyone? Think M&M will be able to make his check out properly and be a good GM for the Cheifs, Cheefs, Chefs or whatever they're called. I say let him in.
  10. Whos side are you on?

    Gotta agree with Sarge here. Talented players are cut because of cap restrictions. Personally, I would like to see a cap to avoid the ARod contracts. But put in place the NBA Larry Bird (?) amendment where a team can exceed the cap to a degree to sign one of it's own veterans. Helps to continue fan loyalty to the team and player but will not allow certain owners to buy an All-Star squad of underachievers.
  11. Best Lost Theory

    Agreed. It took 3-4 weeks but finally an episode worth watching. The show is worth watch when it sticks to the basics of answer some questions (where was Claire for 2 weeks) and ask questions (who the hell are the "Others" and what are they doing on the island). Can't figure out Mr. Eko yet, but the hostage definitley played Locke for an idiot.
  12. When Mascots Go Bad

    That's funny. Waaay too serious.
  13. Calling all KC, CLE, TEN, NO & JAX Homers

    Automatic disqualification. :doah:
  14. Lost game

    It's Wednesday.... Eko 44 (haven't seen too much of him) Sayid 44 (good guy to have around if someone pisses you off) Claire 4 ( needs more time to bond with her baibe.) Jack 15 (adds character but too self-rightous) Sawyer 31 (final battle - Sayid vs Sawyer) Kate 41 (need a woman on the island, but she's a two-timing girlie.) Better be a good episode tonight!!
  15. Bathroom etiquette in the workplace...

    Hate going to the restroom and each stall has leftover newspaper. Like i want touch that after where your hands have just been. To avoid any of the overcrowded stall incidents, I only go to a restroom 2 floors down that has mainly women working in the area. Usually quiet and "clean". The doors open inward so to avoid the unwashed hand syndrome, I always use paper towels to open the bathroom doors - just about anywhere.
  16. dont do meth!

    just f'n stupid.
  17. what was your first concert?

    The hardest working man in show business, Soul Brother #1 James Brown in 1975. Great show.
  18. Last Castle

    But Soprano did get it end the end when the other general(?) showed up and booted his ass. Thought it was a good movie overall.
  19. Lost game

    Eko 41 Sayid 41 Claire 7 Jack 14 Hurley 2 Sawyer 31 Kate 42 One more repeat of the Pilot episode and they all get zeros.
  20. Trying to get perspective on the Huddle population

    Married - yes Kids - No
  21. Foster Tagged

    I think he is still sayinh "Why? Why? Why? " /: Oh no. I'm going on IR now:/
  22. Complete Fantasy Football Burnout!

    Excellent post. There is so much more to life than "WDIS". FF is definetly fun for me now, but if it ever becomes a chore, I'll be right there with ya'. Best of luck and hope to hear from you again in the Huddle.

    Owners, look for a new poll at Home Field Avantage Forum
  24. Millen Says Harrington is his QB

    If Detroit keeps Millen after the 2006 season, the ownership is crazy. Unless Millen is just blowing smoke while he negiotiates with SD. Hmmm. Nay, not that smart.