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  1. It really wouldn't matter if Jones hired a GM. That person would just have a title and a paycheck. All decisions would still come from Jones. His ego would never allow for anyone to have an outside chance of being the reason for their success. He would rather have an adequate football team that he designed than have another person get credit for constructing a Super Bowl team on his watch.

  2. In addition to that list, I think it is critical for them to find a way to rush the passer without the blitz. Spencer is not the answer. He had a decent season but he is not consistent and can be handled 1 on 1 by an o-lineman. They need someone other than Ware that can come of the edge. The double and triple teams on Ware took it's toll on his body and performance late in the season.


    The secondary is a joke. Newman can no longer cover and he certainly can't tackle. Jenkins can't stay healthy and, yeah, he gets burned a lot too.


    The Cowboys can do a lot worse at QB than Romo. He had a pretty good season but still had some blowups (Jets and Lions). He can no longer rest on the "well this is only his x year as a starter". It's long enough. He just has to be consistent over the full season. I think that goes for the whole team. Coaches included.












    Did I mention none of this means squat as long as Knute Lombardi Jones is leading the way?

  3. Nice story about the kid with cancer that he's been visiting with a bunch and how he wears her bracelet. Looks like a leader as well. There's crying for the ball and there's basically saying, "let me put this thing on my back". Which he most certainly did.


    True, but the network coulda cut the kid some slack. It was obvious that she was trying to hide her face. The more she tried to hide, the more they zoomed in. It's a great story and even better that she is recovering, but she is just a kid and it was just a bit much that they continued to have the camera in her face when she made it obvious that she was uncomfortable. JMHO.

  4. So I'm sitting here mulling over the Chargers potential win and out comes a certain female that will remain nameless. She see's the score and starts chuckling "The Chargers are winning!! ALL RIGHT!!"..... :bangshead:


    "Why do you want the Chargers to win" I ask.

    "Because they are the Chargers!! Why do you want them to lose???"



    Man...I hate explaining stuff to people that have no freaken clue what they are talking about. After a lengthy explanation, she finally said "Ohhhh....I see....GO CHARGERS!!"



    I give up.






    Classic. You would bust a spleen trying to explain.

  5. Say what you want to about Michael Irvin, but he always kept the team fired up. There is no one on this team that will get in the faces of these guys to get 'em going. Not even one of the coaches. And how fired up can you get with Santa Claus yelling at you?


    They're done.

  6. NY/NJ Drama? NO Way! :wacko: Reflects on the HC I think. I really don't like the way LT is calling out teammates publicly. He left SD doing the same thing. Sad really. He was a great player. Why go out whining?


    That's the key right there. He WAS a great player. Some guys just cannot handle it when they are no longer the primary weapon on their team. He still has talent but but running back age has caught up with him. Would have been no problem for him to keep that in the locker room.



    ETA - Holmes is an a- hole though and definitely not captain material.

  7. That game was unbelievable. I like to see scoring but that was a little overboard. Both teams scored way too easily. It doesn't make sense to score 56 points in a championship game and still double digits. :wacko: And the winning team should not be throwing gatorade on their coach when they have put up 60 points but still need a touchdown to seal the win. It was a college/arena league game. Ganaway is probably still running untouched up the middle.

  8. The "weird morphing thing" is because his hat is on backwards. The 4.7 is someone holding up a sign. Both look perfectly normal to me.


    Try zooming in or enlarging the picture. His hat is backwards and forwards. It appears to have a white bill in the front and the blue "shark" print in the back. There is no person holding up a sign. The 4.7 just appears from nowhere. Unless the guy with his arms raised (the only one that is cheering) some how has this signed velcroed to his back. Doesn't look normal to me.

  9. Take a close look at the bottom right corner. You should see a black guy standing with his hat doing some type of weird blur-vision thing. Like it's morphinig into something else. And to his right is a very blurry guy with his arms raised with a "4.7" outta nowhere. Gotta be shopped :wacko:



    But still funny as Hell. GO LOINS!!!!

  10. Some questionable names for sure, but RIVERS? C'mon Man


    First thing I thought was you have got to be kidding me. Rivers was a turn over waiting to happen. No way does he deserve the Pro Bowl. What a farce.