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  1. And then you have the two 'ice the kicker' losses in addition to the monumental collapses.


    I'll NEVER forgive Jerry for letting Jimmy Johnson go after winning two consecutive Super Bowls (and replacing him with Barry 'I'll just put the team into cruise control' Switzer) :wacko::tup::lol:


    Not so sure I would agree that he let JJ go. It was more like Jerry pushed JJ out the door. Jones must have a coach that is not visible and isn't the media focus. Since Johnson left the team, it has been all Jerry as GM and as the voice of the team. You can go down the list of coaches since JJ including Parcells, and none of them caught the media attention the way Johnson did. Even if a miracle happened and Dallas made it to the Super Bowl, it wouldn't be because of the coach and it wouldn't even be because of the players. It would be because Jerry (in his mind) is the best damn GM in all of sports and a helluva coach too.

  2. When I was growing up, there was a guy that looked a lot like me that smoked some Josh Gordon on occasion. I wouldn't consider that guy, who many people thought looked just like me, to be "involved in narcotics." Doesn't mean the guy was running a cartel or something.
























  3. I don't get why alot of people are surprised at this news. I can easily say 60-70 percent of the nfl players were involved in narcotics growing up. Some players can never get that seperation because they grew up in it. Vick fought dogs because thats what he did growing up.

    Now with that said I feel no mercy on any of them. Millions of kids train everyday to make it to the nfl and these idiots throw it away.

    The city of Chicago should be pissed that one of their football players was looking to put that shizz on their streets. Im glad he got caught in a direct buy with a federal agent to make the case even better.



    What are you basing this on?



    That's a ridiculous assumption. I would really like to hear what you are basing this on and what 60-70% you are talking about. Brady? Manning and Manning? MJD? Lesean McCoy? Megatron? DeMarcus Ware? Brees? Cam Newton? Ray Rice? Jimmy Graham? Gronkowski?


    That's a list of 12 players. According to your statistics, "60-70 percent of the nfl players were involved in narcotics" at least 6 or 7 would have been involved in narcotics while growing. Please humor me and point out which 6 or 7 that would be.

  4. If Gabbertt could just complete a couple passes, just a couple...this could be a different game. MJD busts off a run only to have Gabbert throw incompletions.




    :wacko: MJD owner here.

  5. Unless your talent evaluation track record is infallible, it's really difficult to invest that much in one player, especially when you already have a good/great receiver on your team in White.


    How much did the Cowboys invest in their trusty sidekick Laurent Robinson?


    You mean Laurent Robinson, the 2007 3rd pick of the Atlanta Falcons??

  6. Cowboys offense did not play well and the defense looked like they were uninterested in the game. Stupid penalties and the secondary was awful. But the game winning drive (starting with the punt return by Dez) was great. Dan Bailey is pure money this year. 25-26 FGs and back to back game winners. Not bad for a rookie.


    The team as a whole needs to play better and more consistently though. Brady James got old real quick. He and Brookings have become liabilities at the LB position. Good to see Butler getting more action. Bruce Carter will be phased in also so that James and Brookings can step aside.

  7. Don't know if he was a good OC with the Cowboys or if they just had enough talent and weapons that the offense made him look better. But it's pretty certain he is not HC material.

  8. Every year the Chargers have tons of talent but always come up short. This year has been the worst. He has been skating on thin ice for the past few years. Is this the year that he gets tossed? And what happens to AJ? He had his hand in the demise of the Bolts too.