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  1. Last Minute Decision

    its not looking good for the first half
  2. WDIS Chester or MBIII

    Taylor upgraded to probable. He has practiced but has not taken any hits. I think he is the better start
  3. Tiki or Chester?

    Taylor has been upgraded to probable. Start him
  4. WR help

    I like Stallworth
  5. WR Help WDIS!?!?!?!

    I agree. Its good to have Johnson. He offsets Palmers points Colston and Driver
  6. Injury Problems need help

    What do you think about RB's
  7. 1 point per 10 yards. 6 points per TD WR Holt Housh Driver Boldin What 3 do I start? I'm thinking of benching Boldin he's productivity has sucked latley. But the other three are all listed as probable on the injury list. RB (Biggest problem) LT M. Barber Back up who layed an egg last week Chester Taylor (Q) ribs has practiced but has not taken any hits M. Jones- Drew (P) hammy missed some practice and competes with Taylor he should play Of course a start LT but I need one of the remaining three. I'm thinking Taylor against the Jets
  8. WDIS QB Pick ONE!

    Manning For the same reason I disagreed with you on not starting Garcia on the other post. I see a shoot out in NY this week
  9. QB: WDIS

    With a name like NYGiants5680 I'm sure your not just wishful thinking. Go with Garcia.
  10. Should have let "teewhy" pay me me.
  11. Not tooting my own horn. Oh hell, yes I I'm. Alexander 73 and a TD
  12. Bulger or Garcia

    I say Garcia
  13. Bulger or Garcia

    Foot - Doubtful for Week 15 vs. Philadelphia (Updated - 12/12/06) They say he may not be back until the playoffs
  14. Romo Garcia or Sexy Rexy?

    I like Garcia in a shoot out
  15. Alexander: 70 total yards and 1 TD