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  1. :uponsoapbox:

    so i take it you won't be watching this show?' rel="external nofollow"> Click here!
  2. is it me or did something change ?

    so how many people are going to post their personal photo in their profile?
  3. My gift to you all

    and why are they all based in the UK?
  4. Question on drug tests.

    alcohol is not an illegal substance
  5. 2007 Mystery Huddler #10

  6. Fat Chicks...Should You Date Them?

    Fat chicks need love too....they just have to pay! Gigidy Gigidy Gigidy allll right!
  7. IRS pardons late TurboTax filers

    From turbotax - I think they've realized they screwed up and are trying to make things right with the customer. will i be willing to pay more to ensure that i can e-file whenever? Maybe. Dear TurboTax Customer, We want to let you know that Intuit will be refunding any TurboTax credit card charges that were charged to your credit or debit card between 3 p.m. PDT Tuesday, April 17 and 4 a.m. PDT Wednesday, April 18. We deeply regret the frustration and anxiety you may have experienced trying to e-file your return on April 17. We worked closely with the IRS to allow taxpayers who were affected by the delay to file their returns until midnight tonight, Thursday, April 19, without penalty. Intuit will also pay any other penalties that customers incur as a result of the delay, although none are anticipated. We will be contacting you early next week with additional details about this refund. We value your business and appreciate your patience. Sincerely, Bob Meighan Vice President, TurboTax Customer Advocacy Intuit, Inc.
  8. IRS pardons late TurboTax filers

    I didn't see anything on the website or on any of the Turbo Tax boxes saying that they would not be able to handle e-filing. The IRS are the people pushing for e-filing. As a company that holds itself as being able to handle the business, they should also be prepared for the number of people who tried to efile on the last day or any day. As for looking it from Intuit's point of view - screw that. People are paying for a service and if you promise to deliver on it, you'd better. Disclosure: I filed my taxes through Turbo Tax and had these problems.
  9. Help me pick a honeymoon destination

    Fiji's nice. we stayed here on our honeymoon.
  10. you're stuck in a room

    step 1. cut a hole in the box step 2. put your junk in the box. actually disregard step 2 did you cut the holes in the box? did you try all the lights?
  11. Hankk's Corner

    boxers or briefs?
  12. Profile quiz

    Your Political Profile: Overall: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal Fiscal Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal now this is 50-50
  13. wow, this is almost as good as naming a star after someone.
  14. Dallas Head Coach

    wade philips = place holder until the cowboys can hire bill cowher.
  15. Could it really be this simple with Eli?

    but he's no LT. Hmm, LT or Tiki? That's a real tough call.
  16. Could it really be this simple with Eli?

    Last time i checked, Rivers has a guy named LT on his team. I could quarterback the Chargers to the Superbowl with the cast on the Chargers team.
  17. Chiefs getting manhandled

    so much for the game plan of running LJ all day.
  18. Peyton manning is terrible.

    numbers under 10 should be spelled out.
  19. who is KC's qb for the second half ?

    my grandmother. Huard, if they're smart. Huard can't suck any worse than Green at this point
  20. Chiefs getting manhandled

    how much does trent green suck?
  21. Down by 2 pts. with David Akers to go tomorrow. I think I win
  22. Post here

    took down the LT owner 2 weeks ago to keep him from the playoffs. This week I am down by 2 pts with Akers to go on Monday. Thank you Ladell Betts and Ron Dayne