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  1. Adrian Petersen in Minny looks to fill that bill. Any others?
  2. Thomas Jones is going to sit today. Dayne has a chance to be a great 1 game start.
  3. Addai will only get 12-15 carries the rest to Rhodes. They wish to save the stud for the playoffs. With that said, I believe, Rhodes could be in for a huge game.
  4. Bench Larry Johnson this week?

    Always start your stars....always.
  5. Can't beleive i am asking but WDIS

    Always start your stars. Always...Always.
  6. Dayne or Morency?

    Don't overthink Dayne. Just another NFL city stop for this undereachiever. A fantasy football and football bust.
  7. Heavy running back by commitee team. Brown is the started this week but the RB situation in Tenn is a fantasy football nightmare.
  8. Both picks are flyers. By far the biggest upside would be Harrison if Droughns gets nicked.
  9. Javon Walker for TO?

    I like Walker but TO is going to have a monster year in TD leagues. In yardage heavy leagues I would lean on Walker.
  10. Gabriel to NE...impact?

    Strickly a #3. No fantasy impact.
  11. I would pray to get Bush in a keeper league.............unlimited upside. He will be like Brian Westbrook on steroids.
  12. I was excited about Maroney, just my luck!

    Maroney is fine. Sleep well!
  13. "Waiver Wire Warrior" no more?

    The waiver wire is still on the Huddle. It's listed in the 2006 services.
  14. Another messy situation

    If you are in a yardage heavy league Maroney will be a stud this year. Norwood will be good in 2007 and beyond.