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  1. Help with division names

    Bret Farve needs to be changed to Brett Favre, unless it's a subtle dig at him that i'm not appreciating.
  2. Vick Indicted

    "And then i threw him a bone, yeah I under-threw him a bone" brilliant.
  3. iTunes

    I believe Tool is also very into their album art, the booklets, etc. They'd have some of my money if they put their music online, but I'm not buying one of their CDs anytime soon.
  4. Do you Maximize?

    I will almost always maximize. It is much easier to work/read/do whatever with a maximized window due to the other windows interrupting your concentration. In a study, it was found that working with your email open lowers your ability to work more than being stoned. Fielding messages while working lowers your IQ 10 points (the equivalent of missing a full night of sleep) vs. 4 points if you're high. Maximized windows help you focus and do what you need to get done. The only exceptions are: IM windows, which I rarely use these days and never while I'm trying to be productive, and poker tables, which I also stopped using. But when I was playing, I would usually be at multiple tables, and I had a database program open that kept live statistics, so I kept them small to see all my tables and reference my DB at the same time.
  5. A Good Poker Hand

    By the by, just so you can put this in perspective(and because I'm a huge nerd): Odds of being dealt a pocket pair: 5.9% or 16-1 Odds of flopping four of a kind when holding a pocket pair: .245% or 407-1 Therefore, odds of being dealt a pocket pair and flopping four of a kind: .0145% or 6896-1 Odds of being dealt a pocket pair and flopping four of a kind in two specific hands: .0000021% or 47,619,047-1 Assuming a 150 hand night (~2.5 to 3 hours online because I don't know how long you played for), you were in the neighborhood of 317,459-1 to flop quads with a pair in the hole twice. Odds of winning Powerball (the big lottery around here): 146,107,962-1. Over 146 million to one. You are therefore 460 times more likely to flop quads with a wired pair twice in an evening of play than you are to win the lottery.
  6. dog won't quit whizzin in floor

    Women have a way of destroying all the hard work you've done to train dogs. Do take him to the vet though because it does sound like it could be an infection. Hope it works out.
  7. dog won't quit whizzin in floor

    I'd try to stop abusing him. Maybe then he'll stop abusing your floors. Take him outside very frequently, much more than you think is necessary. This will prevent him from having accidents at all. The more he has, the more likely he is to just let loose whenever. When he pees outside, give him a lot of treats. Over the course of a few weeks, he will get the point: when he pees outside, you're stoked, thus he gets treats. You can lower it to giving him one treat when he pees within a couple weeks. Wait a number of months before not giving him treats at all for peeing outside, and if you do remember that you did so in case it causes him to start peeing inside again. I had a 30 pound lab/chow mutt for a while( <------- over there). He had a bladder like a thimble though. I'm ashamed to say I lost my patience with him a few times when he peed on the floor or in the bed (one time on me while I was sleeping) and hit him. It never made a bit of difference. If you try to housebreak dogs with negative reinforcement, it doesn't do anything. When they need to pee, they need to pee. If you've trained them to be afraid of peeing when they're in the house, and they start needing to pee, they're going to get scared. And well, I don't know if you're aware of what dogs do when they're afraid, but I'll give you a hint: it isn't not peeing. Good luck! Housebreaking can be trying on your patience, but dogs learn from you, and if you have patience with him when he has accidents, he'll have patience with you not letting him out as soon as he feels the need to pee.
  8. Inspired by a thread in league forum

    I have only been to one game. Giants/Cowboys at the Giants' Stadium a few years ago. It was the last game of the regular season and back when my FF league played our superbowl in week 17. I had coached a brilliant team that year and ended up in the finals against the commish. I sat Julius Jones because Schottenheimer said he was going to run his starters at least at the beginning of the game despite having a playoff spot locked up. LT2 had set the record for consecutive games with a TD and I figured he was a lock for at least one score to extend the streak. At least 6 points right... So off we go to the Giants game. Giants lay a whooping on the boys. Go team! Julius Jones has an excellent game though. Just under 150 rushing, one or two scores, and around 50 yards on 5 receptions. I lose the league by 5 points because LT2 sat, not even a goal line carry to extend the record because he's just such a modest god damned guy. It was my own fault for gambling and not running the known starter, but it has left a bitter taste in my mouth for going to games. Fortunately I like watching from my comfortable couch in my warm living room rather than freezing on cold stadium seats. I love keeping up with every game that's on, so I'm happier to stay home with my wifi. And nothing beats watching kickoff with a warm plate of eggs and a cup of joe in front of me. Hopefully I'll get out to another game this season though and try to put the devastating defeat behind me. At least I got to see the boys take a licking in person...
  9. What is your league divisional setup

    I didn't read through the other posts, but I don't think many people use the setup my league does. 12 teams. 2 conferences. 2 divisions per conference. 3 teams per division. Each team plays every team in their division twice and every other team once. We play regular season through week 13 with playoffs in 14, 15, and SB in 16. There are three playoff spots per conference. Each division leader gets in, plus the next best team in the conference who didn't win their division. The team with the best record in each conference gets a bye in week 14. I like this setup because it breaks things up a little better. Your real competition for a playoff spot is half the league, instead of just your division. You play divisional rivals twice (typically once toward the start of the year and once toward the end, which makes the home stretch a lot of fun). We used to use the 3 division break down, but changed to this a few years back and I personally love it. I think everyone else in the league likes it too. I highly recommend it as something to discuss with your leaguemates.
  10. 2pt convertion question

    I wonder if there has ever been a 2pt conversion attempted after a defensive TD. I can't think of any off hand, but it certainly is allowed.
  11. Unofficial I hate FF and will never play again thread!

    Now that's funny.
  12. Unofficial I hate FF and will never play again thread!

    I feel you brotha. I was the number 2 scoring team in the league. One point per week shy of the #1 and no one else was even close. I fell just shy of the bye in my conference and lost last week in the first round of the playoffs by 3 lousy points. Gould missed 2 FGs. I started Bryant instead of Henry off some bad advice. He changed his QB at the last minute from Jason Campbell to Garcia (i don't know why he had Campbell in there to begin with). FF and I are currently in a huge fight. I am turning my back on it and never forgiving it for its consistent mistreatment of my team, which never fails to be #1 or #2 in points but doesn't have the record to prove it and has never brought home the big one. I hate you FF. You are the cruelest of the cruel. I'll see you next year.
  13. Congrats LT

    That is BS. LT would have broken the record in 12 if he was kicking extra points, let alone field goals, and I'm sure he could. If you want to say that it's different because of number of games, then you need to say that it's different because now there are specialized players for kicking. Thumbs down Packer fans. Show some love.
  14. get Turner out of there!

    I really hope he ends up as a starting back somewhere next year. I think he'll be a fantastic player to watch and hellooooo second keeper. I don't think Jacobs can be a starting back and would love to watch Turner every week in a Giants uniform. Although that would make watching Jacobs vulture touchdowns really hard to watch.
  15. Chatroom is open for MNF

    Yeah, Gould is a d-bag. He missed two FGs tonight after hitting 26/27 all season. Absolutely brutal. My opponent had Scobee, who put up 16 in our scoring system. Really really painful. I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight.