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  1. WDIS - WR

    Someone I still have trouble with sitting Driver :bigshock: and playing porter since he finally showed up this year just last week. Logic says play him againest KC , but the trigger is rusty.
  2. WDIS: Collins, Carr, or Holcomb

    collins....if he has an shine in him this is the week
  3. WDIS at WR?

    smith givens morton see my post:
  4. Moulds, D. Bennett, Clayton, Colbert

    po0p... not easy, bledsoe has started to fling better w/ McGahee on track, so hard to sit moulds but here is why.... bennett.... they have to pass to keep up, exspecially w/o cb, not that success is gauranteed clayton..... i like his concetion w/ griese Colberert.... not sold on him, but really haven't been eyeing him, but at NO things are possible. so do.... Clayton and bennett IMO
  5. go with your gut or initial logic see my post:
  6. Scoring only.... that is tough. But as the concensus grows, I'd feel better w/ the Farve trend, packers Def isn't the toughest, so passing might come in to play in the game. He will get you at least one if not two. While Brady will do about the same. Who could bust 3+, I'm leaning towrds Farve. I'm considering sitting Driver over porter in TD league, check post
  7. Griese or Hasselbeck?

    griese... see my post:
  8. Which is best Qb this week?

    had to dump hassel in a trade he was hurting me more this year than anticapated Plummer is the way.....Collins if you want to gamble, and hassel if you want to endure pain and sufferring :hoppingmad: see my posts
  9. WDIS - Mediocre QB situation

    Okay he is beyond mediocrecy, I just traded for him, dumping hasselbeck, so I'm new to the "snake" bandwagon. I can't see not starting him, just want some bold resons to try someone else.....
  10. WDIS - WR

    opps I'm such a PC idiot since johnson is my lock it really is between porter/driver
  11. A.johnson since driver has philly. NE (Branch) to much to spread around
  12. WR Help!

    I like Bruce (but he did get smeared in the end of the gam and gimped off), Mushmin, then cjohnson has been iffy, toss him aside. Porter woke up last week. Just a question if he is going to take a nap now. Stokely is a #3, but there is alot of action over there. Do porter, then stokely
  13. Insights Re: 5 WRs Who Mystify Me

    stick to your guns.... WR are always here one day gone the next, unless you got studs. Ward, wayne , McCardel are you best guns
  14. Last week of the regular season.

    clayton, moss wiggins
  15. WDIS - Studs or Hot Hand

    tough indeed.... how can you sit any of them... LT has toughest matchup, but i would grin and bite the bullet ...LT & James