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  1. Third WR

    Caldwell vs. houston Moose vs.TB 1 pt per rec 1 pts per 15 yrds
  2. Need some help

    1. Favre 2. Portis 3. Wayne Johnson
  3. Maroney or R.Brown

    Agreed BTW? Do the Bears play anybody good this year?
  4. Should I make this trade?

    I would do the trade. You don't really need three qb's, and Branch would really help with your wr's.
  5. Lee Evans and.........

  6. Maroney or R.Brown

    Who do the Dolphags play?
  7. Brady or Grossman

    Who are the Bears playing? I could see Brady having not that great of a game because they are just going to run the ball down the Dolt's throat.
  8. WDIS?

    1 ppr 1 pt per 15 yards rec/rush Kevin Jones vs. ATL Maroney vs. Colts Gore vs. Minn Lundy @ Giants I am starting LT of course but I need to pick two of these to start. Right now I am leaning toward Jones and Maroney. What do you guys think?
  9. WDIS Bundle..

    ? I don't get your question.
  10. Flex Issues

    Gore, Lundy, Maroney, Colston
  11. Who should I pick up for Monday night?

    Pick up Feely and drop Gould. K's are a dime a dozen.
  12. im speachless right now

    I did the same. Started Delhomme instead of Vick. But I am still going to win because of LJ and Chester Taylor, so I am not that mad. And it is not like Jake had a horrible game.
  13. Should I make this deal?

    Who is Mulroney?
  14. 1 more trade question

    Without a question