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  1. Playing my Fiance in Semi's

    Another vote for Engram and Glenn. Dude GOOD LUCK this week man. If she smokes you, married life could be never ending dishes and house chores
  2. Plaxico SUCKS

    Yeah you guys are correct. Eli missed him when he threw that pick. Plax was wide open in the endzone after splitting the double team. Kind of saw it coming but just felt if I had started someone else, Plax would have gotten off. I should have started someone else so the rest of you could have had a productive day with Plax, I would have sacrificed for my fellow fantasy football junkies
  3. Plaxico SUCKS

    How can someone be so talented and have all the tools and be such a tool Should have gone with fricken pee wee herman at WR this week!!!
  4. WDIS WR?

    all good guys thanks. I guess I will go with Plaxico again, but I hope he does better than last week.
  5. Which Defense?

    Which Defense would you take? I have: Carolina at New Orleans OR Seattle at Tennesee
  6. RB decisions

    I have the following RB's and need to start two of them. This league awards huge points for touchdowns and scores both receiving yards and rushing yards equally. Which two would you go with? Lamont Jordan @ home against the Browns Clinton Portis @ home against the Cowboys Deshaun Foster @ New Orleans Tatum Bell @ the Bills I currently have selected Foster and Jordan, any thoughts?
  7. WDIS WR?

    Just mentioning their names it appears like a no-brainer, but following that philosophy last week almost cost me. I need to decide between Plaxico Burress and Jerry Porter at WR this week. Last week I started Burress and he stunk it up. Many teams are doubling him which I think KC will do and am thinking of starting Porter against a porous browns pass defense. What do you think? Burress @ home against KC Porter @ home against the Browns
  8. WDIS QB - Huge Game

    I have the following QB's this week, who would you start? Brad Johnson -vs- Pitt Charlie Frye -vs- Oak I am leaning toward Frye but his injury has me concerned. I would hate to see Dilfer come in at halftime and I know Johnson will play the entire game barring injury
  9. RB Roster Question

    anyone have any thoughts here?
  10. K.Rob or Lee Evans HELP!

    I would go with Krob, snow is expected in the other game
  11. RB Roster Question

    My Running backs are: CLinton Portis Lamont Jordan Deshaun Foster Tatum Bell Should I cut Tatum Bell and pick up Cedric Houston as he will be the starting RB for the Jets for the rest of the year or be happy with Tatum splitting carries in Denver?
  12. Porter or Stallworth

    Dude!!! I am a Raider fan but with the QB switch, the fact that the Jets are terrible at stopping the run and it is Jordan's return to his old team, I think I would go with Stallworth on Monday night. All things in the Raider game point to Jordan having a monster game, and Porter has been so darn inconsistent all year. I think on national TV stallworth could have a great game. The only thing that worries me about that game is the fact of how much time will atlanta chew up running the ball against the terrible N.O. run defense?? Go with Stallworth is my call though.
  13. Huge Decision WR - WDIS?

    the only thing that scares me in minnesota is from week to week who knows who is going to blow up. Two weeks ago it was marcus robinson last wee krob, who's turn is it?
  14. Huge Decision WR - WDIS?

    Well the majority definitely favors Plaxico, but in my gut he worries me this week
  15. FF Advice..

    I am going against the top team in the league and need to select the WR that is going to have the biggest day. Normally this is a no-brainer. I am in a league with a crazy scoring scheme. WR's get 1 point for every receiving yard, and 50 points for touchdowns. Yes our scored are big numbers LOL anyway here is my dilemma: I need to start one: Plaxico Burress @ Philly: Probably won't need to play the whole game, and has had his numbers decline as he has faced many double teams that have had Eli going to Toomer alot. Normally would start him without even thinking about it. Could weather be a factor? Koren Robinson -vs- St. Louis: Yes I know he has only had one big game, but he is going against the leagues worst secondary and is playing in a dome in a game where alot of points will probably be scored. Antonio Bryant @ Cincinatti: With Edwards out, Bryant will get alot of looks in a game where Cleveland will need to throw to keep up. Now am I trippin' and just need to start Burress and forget all this BS, or do you think I should go with one of the other match-ups. Thanks in advance for your thoughts