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  1. Hugh, I confess to not being aware of your qualifications. However, anyone willing to put their opinions "out there" where they can later be judged for accuracy intrigues me. That being said, in leagues where you can start a QB at the utility spot (1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1K/1DEF/1 ANY), how do you alter your draft strtegies and/or cheat sheets for draft slots? Our scoring isn't too complex. We give 1pt/20 pass, 1pt/10rush/rec, 4pts/Pass TDs, 6pts/Rush/Rec TDs, 5 point bonuses for 100 yard rush/rec games or 300 passing games. Defenses gets points for sack and turnovers and low points allowed. I basically feel that if you look at an "average live draft" cheat sheet that slots guys for you, you'll need to cut the average slot for a QB by 1.5 to 2 (in half). So in other words, if say you draft Palmer on average at 38th in a redraft, he should go around 20-22 in this format. Thoughts?
  2. I have a family vacation and need to give a buddy a list to draft my rookies and last years flukes from. Anyone know a god top 200 DYNTASTY list site? Don't say huddle. I'm looking for a free site.
  3. OK. So I took Drew Bledsoe as my 2nd QB in a league where we can start 2. Do I need to worry about theser Romo rumors THIS year?
  4. NEXT YEAR THINKING (Keeper League)

    I had Stephen Jackson AND Steve Smith <gulp> at one time. I traded them in week 2 for Priest Holmes. I loved Stephen Jackson, but knew Martz would neevr let him run and we get a bonus 5 points for 100 yard games (equal to 50 yards or 5/6 of a TD). I never thought Steve Smith would keep this up obviously and they were really all I had. Who knew an injury (illness) to a head coach would make that a REALLY bad trade. Luckily I traded him before he got injured. I was lucky to move Gonzo right out of the gate as well before the other guy could know his season would suck. I traded Priest for Deuce plus a 3rd rounder. Traded Griese, traded Brees, traded Dilfer, traded Westbrook. I do think that Volek COULD be a keeper if I can't trade with someone. He has always put up good numbers when he has gotten time, although their WRs are suspect now. If Rhoades gets the job in INDI next year, I'll keep him for sure. I picked up Javon Walker as well.
  5. NEXT YEAR THINKING (Keeper League)

    Sure they are OK. Although in this league you keep only QBs, RBs or THE BEST WRs like Owens, Holt, Moss, maybe CJ and now maybe Smith. The more possible starting RBs and QBs I have to choose from the better. As I may be trying to trade a keeper plus a pick for a STUD keeper next year as I have plenty of early picks to choose from. I'm picking up Dominick in INDI tonight for sure.
  6. OK. So I am in a 12 team keeper league. You must keep 3 players. I was out of it this year early so I haev managed to trade away players for picks next year quite well. We play 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1TE, 1 K, 1 DEF and 1 ANY POS. UTILITY (usually QB for me as they score the most). I already have on this squad: Deuce (traded for him post injury) Boldin Chester Taylor Maurice Morris Kevin Jones (traded Westbrook for him and a pick) William Green Travis Henry Chrissy Simms (and others not worth mentioning) Trade deadline is now past and none are allowed until after season ends. I can still make pick ups and drops however. We draft 13 each year for 16 total and already I am done with the draft in round 6 next year!! BUT....I want to try and set myself up for steals now.....maybe picking up Volek, Dominick Rhoades, Griese, guys along that line that no one would have use for NOW but that I can put on my roster with hopes they are possibly a keeper candidate for next year. For example if Volek or D.Rhoades starts next year they would be. As it stands now I am looking at Kevin Jones, Boldin and Deuce as my keepers.....Taylor could be a dark horse based on this year as well. Who else should I be thinking of stashing away???

    Really where? They have KEEPER, but not DYNATASY
  8. Where's a good locale for cheatsheets on this type of draft???
  9. trade draft picks?

    You HAVE to do that. You would trade LT for Moss and Culpper wouldn't you? Dillon and Rudi Johnson?? D.Davis and Owens/Holt???
  10. Great news on Stephen Davis!

    I'm not buying this.....could be wrong but I smell misinformation here.
  11. #4 pick and may have to miss draft

    Ah the classic advice (and sage at that) of all forum vets (regardless of forum type)....USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. However, the main point of my thread I feel was unique in that I was only debating the value of Holmes at 4th GIVEN THAT I MAY BE DOING A LIST DRAFT for at least the early rounds. Caps meant as to draw attention not to simulate yelling. (assuming it goes LT, Shaun then Edge....1 and 2 are locked.....3 is ????) I would easily take one of these 3 at 4 if available. Edge is bound to get a few of those 40+ TDs that Manning threw last year as rushing TDs this that offense wil still light people up.
  12. OK. I dominated this league last year and really the guys in it are not the UBER dorks that most of us are in relation to fantasy sports. Trust me they're dorks but for different, less financially profitable reasons. It is a performance scoring league, bouses for 100/300 yard games of 5 points. You can start an extra player of any position, must draft K, TE and DEF/SP. I got the 4th pick based on the lottery last night. I tend to agree, although maybe it is just from seeing it so much, that the top 4 are LT, Shaun, Edge and Priest. My problem is I don't want to draft Holmes if I have to send a list to the draft as I won't be able to manage backing him up or hand-cuffing LJ. Also, although you NEED to start 2 QBs to run well in this league, I think I would also opt out of Manning at this spot as I think I can get a Favre, Brady, Plummer-esque 3-some at QB later to always have 2 solid point getters to play. Should I move Willis up to my 4th spot? I really think with that awesome Defense and Special Teams in Buffalo that they'll be running him early and often in a ball control strategy. Maybe Jamal Lewis?
  13. This is how crazy I am - JJ at # 4

    Think of it as the fantasy drafting equivalent to this poker rule: If you THINK a guy is bluffing you still can't call if he has you beat!!! Even if you think a guy will be the best player in fantasy that year, to draft him 2-3 rounds earlier than you needed to take him it is a dumb move. Would you ratehr have JJ (whatever one you are talking about and WHATEVER you think he will do) or have first Edge, Jamal, Moss, Manning, Holmes, a cup of coffe AND him when it comes back around to you. IF by some odd chance he goes before you pick again, the other guy will punch, not push, the accept trade button if you offer him the guy you took for the coveted JJ and one of his later picks.