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  1. Brandon Jacobs

    Fearless predictions: Rush = 1090 yds, 10 TD Recv = 24 rec, 205 yds, 0 TD ...in 14 games.
  2. all-time a favorite NFL players

    Joe Pisarcik, Homer Jones, Billy "Whiteshoes" Johnson, Pete Athas, Leon "Not So" Bright, Jack Tatum, Rob Carpenter, Brad Baxter ...
  3. Second Date

    Just have her read this thread & see how she reacts.
  4. Small Business Funding

    My experience has been that the SBA only offers funding to those that no longer need it to get started ... only to expand after you have become a bit of a going concern. Still, may be worth a phone call.
  5. Smackbowl Standings - Day 1

    So, where is the updated scorecard? The PHI-NYG game has been over for at least 15 minutes now...
  6. Best draft pick of the year

    In my 8-team local league, it was probably Kevin Jones at 4.04, but in my 12-team BOTH league, I lucked out with Drew Brees at 9.01
  7. A Christmas Story

    For those that have never read any of Jean Sheperd's books, do yourself a favor and try a few...the 2 best, IMO: - In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash - Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories, and Other Disasters
  8. Steve Smith

    Ho-hum, just another typical week for CAR in the "bizzarro world" of offensive game plans ... from 61 Weinke passes a couple of games ago to 7 pass attempts/50 rushes & counting this week.
  9. Interesting study. Not to agree or disagree, but another factor to consider: pre-season predictions are 'static' once the season starts, while weekly predictions are dynamic. Say for example, Boldin was projected for 1TD in week 2, but actually finished with 0. When making predictions for week 3, since TDs are notoriously hard to predict anyways, I'd think it would be easy for the person making the predictions to 'carry over' that missing week 2 TD into the week 3 projections, to make up for lost time (or TDs) towards the pre-season projection total...carry that scenario thru a few weeks, and you end up with a higher "weekly" TD total. Just a thought.
  10. Super Bowl Help Needed!

    I'd consider playing both Coles & Colston, sitting Bolden.
  11. LJ - go berserk!

    Personally, I'm looking for Reggie Wayne to have an LT type day, while LT has a DeShaun Foster type outing. Unhappily, my participation in the league where it mattered a lot to me what LJ does ended in rd 1 of the playoffs last week.
  12. official venting post

    Well... there is still some small hope that Boldin can get some garbage-time FF points in the 2:33 remaining in the ARZ/DEN game, if Leinart can avoid tossing a pick. E2A: LOL, so much for that: Last Play: 4-9-ARI 49(2:17) M.Leinart pass deep right intended for A.Boldin INTERCEPTED by C.Bailey at DEN 20.
  13. official venting post

    As of this point in time at least, we can add "A. Boldin - invisible" to the list above.
  14. Roy Williams

    LOL ... ARE imploding? Perhaps have imploded (as of week #8?) would be the more appropriate tense from a grammar perspective.
  15. Oh my God

    Carolina's blind devotion to keeping the under-performing Foster in the lineup all year as the primary RB is to me the greatest mystery of the 2006 NFL season. As an aside, it would be nice if someone reminded Weinke that he plays on the same team as a WR named Steve Smith.