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  1. a Paris Hilton reality show I might actually watch

    We might be kidding ourselves if we think Paris wouldnt enjoy being gang-raped by several bull dykes in the prison shower room. Might be the only thing she hasnt tried yet Seriously, it is nice to see a judge that is finally not scared to hit one of these "celebs" with something they wont laugh off on their way out of court. Kinda f*ed up to think that she will do time when scum like OJ, Jacko, etc have not, though.
  2. Enough with all the optimism...

    Mostly agreed with the fellas above. The team should show improvement this year, but is still a ways from being a contender. TJackson is too green, and the WR are either too young, bad, or both. This will take away from what should be a pretty good rushing attack. Defense will miss Tomlin, but still be stout against the run. Hopefully, they can shore up the porous pass defense and become a more complete team D. Special teams has been a weakness of this team for years, and I am not sure that will change this season. Really hoping for more out of Childress this year. I can handle the fact that the guy is as unexciting as he is bald so long as the team performs for him. So far, I havent seen much of that. I have also not seen much improvement in the conduct of team members. This is disturbing and unacceptable considering part of the reason Chilress was hired was because he was supposed to be a discipline guy who would run a tight ship.
  3. Pacman Appeals

    +1 Just curious, too, as to what Jones' legal team will use as a basis for appeal? I mean, the guys been arrested 5 times (more than 2x the number of years he has in the league!). What will they say? He's being profiled? Pacman is missunderstood? Just in the wrong place at the wrong time(repeatedly)? Come on. The League really needs to start getting tough on these chumps and make it clear if they cant avoid trouble they need to find a new league to play in. There's just no excuse for grown adults to be consistently getting into the kind of trouble some of these fools do.
  4. Aundrae Allison

    Easy now!
  5. Jamarcus Russell: Boom or Bust?

    Whoa! How could I miss him? The guy was on one of my teams this year. Good call, Sarge.
  6. Search Warrant Issued for Michael Vicks house

    Maybe Vick just had a Bar-B-Que and Joey Porter brought his dogs over??
  7. Jamarcus Russell: Boom or Bust?

    Useless thought of the day: Has there ever been a "good" NFL QB with a 3 syllable first name? I realize a person's name has absolutely nothing to do with his ability to play QB, but it seems all the good ones have a one syllable name like Joe, John, Dan, Brett, Fran, etc. And there are some with two as well. But how 'bout three? Again, this is obviously not scientific or even meaningful. Just something to add (that doesnt bode well, historically speaking, for Jamarcus) to the topic of whether or not Russell will be a bust.
  8. Fat Chicks...Should You Date Them?

    Been hoggin a time or two(mostly in my college years) and there's nothin wrong with a little chubby chasin' to change things up a bit...
  9. At what age did ya

    On a related topic(sort of) at what age do you start/stop having control over what they wear? I am continually amazed at the clothes I see some younger girls in. Needless to say, they dress differently now than when I was that age. I dont have any kids, but I think I would have a difficult time letting my early teen daughter leave the house looking the way I see some of these kids look. In addition to being tacky and inappropriate, it can be dangerous. Whether it be a horned up 16 yr old from the school football team, or some sick old pedophile, neither is what you want chasing your daughter that much harder because she is in a mini-skirt at 14.
  10. worst first-round picks ever

    No kidding! I remember he showed up at Mankato State wearing fatigues like he was there to take the place by force or somethin. What an idiot! Shame on the Vikings for that embarassment (amongst many)!
  11. worst first-round picks ever

    29. Dimitrius Underwood, DE, Minnesota Vikings (1999)
  12. Michael Vick

    He hates to fly now that the Feds are on to his bottle with the secret Josh Gordon compartment. Maybe we should cut the guy some slack. First, his alias is blown (meaning he will have to come up with something more clever than Ron Mexico to check into hotels/STD clinics/etc(gotta be tough)) and now the man is making it hard for him to bring his herb with him on flights. What's next? He loses a 5ct diamond out of his ear on a tackle? Poor guy.
  13. Who will your team pick?

    You may be right. I guess the thing that would worry me is it would be hard for them both to "turn out to be good" if only one is playing. Say they take Quinn and have an open competition for the starting QB job. Whichever one loses out is left to ride the pine and try to learn from the other's mistakes and/or anything Bollinger can contribute. The addition of Quinn might hinder the development of Jackson or vice versa. It might work, but it might backfire, too. I suppose that is the story of the draft, though. We shall see.
  14. Michael Vick

    Truth is, only Vick and his people know his intentions and why he contributed the amount he did in the manner he did. Its not my place to pass judgement on the guy and how he chooses to donate or not donate his money. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and point out that the money doesnt know where it comes from and it will help some people. That said, when a guy who wears upwards of $100k worth of jewelry(and likely smokes more than $10K worth of Josh Gordon in a month) donates $10K to his alma mater after one of the worst tragedies in the history of the US, I can see why some choose to scrutinize him.
  15. Swiss' mock draft

    No more reaching, please. Not in the first round. Especially not for a WR