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  1. Virginia Beach Golf, does anyone know...

    I have played Riverfront and it is pretty nice. Good layout, very friendly staff. It can get a little swampy after a big rain, so check the weather before you book. Also, if you can get on the bases, the Navy base (Norfolk) and Air Force base (Langley) have decent courses for very, very cheap. Ocean View is also quite cheap and an easy course to play. They have made it a lot nicer recently, and you can also score some crack and hookers while you're there!
  2. Drano :

    Just use Lye Works great! and is useful in getting rid of those pesky corpses
  3. Inspired by a thread in league forum

    I've been to see the Jets and the Texans
  4. How to have fun in Amsterdam

    It is amazing how quickly Texas state pride consumes you eh? We were discussing the baltimore shooting incident (rims) and were thanking god we lived in a real Republic.
  5. Jesus! This chick is smoking hot.

    A google search on Jamie Hammer is fruitful!!!
  6. Those wacky French

    The RIM Blackberry series of smartphones are now banned within French government departments for official operations. Officials in the European nation are concerned about possible electronic eavesdropping by the U.S. National Security Agency since the RIM network utilizes servers in the United States and the United Kingdom. "The risks of interception are real. It is economic war," daily Le Monde quoted Alain Juillet, in charge of economic intelligence for the government, as saying. With BlackBerries, there is "a problem with the protection of information," he said.
  7. Man Charged with Murder

  8. Potential cure for HIV discovered

    SO that's how all those women and children get AIDs....go figure?
  9. WOW - how messed up is this

    The dialog is a tad wacky, but is it any worse than Bugs Bunny or GI Joe taking down the Germans?
  10. For the Video Gamers out there

    You should be able to pick it up used for cheap. Will totally change your opinion of the "Tomb Raider" genre of games. Awesome, Awesome game.
  11. Fathers of Daughters

    No issue. Little girls are just like their larger versions, tightly strung balls of random emotion. Impossible to explain.
  12. Where should Dayne be taken?

    behind the woodshed?
  13. I was reading through the topics on the front page of the tailgate... Random Dude Angry at Cable Company Random Dude Angry at Ticket Master Random Dude Angry about Anger in the Middle East and I thought to myself, the Tailgate used to be such a happy place. So, Happy Father's Day
  14. to parents.....thomas the tank recall!

    I am constantly telling the kids "Don't put James in your mouth!"
  15. What is a more likely cause of WW III?

    I would fathom a guess that all wars are started over religion, be it theocratic or fiduciary.
  16. The movie 'Silent Hill'

    and was excellent. The control scheme stunk, but the story and game-play were phenomenal.
  17. I Might Be Moving

    Right on. I moved last year for the benefit of the govt. They paid all closing expenses (buying and selling) and also bought my house. Paid for packing, transport, and storage of our stuff. Paid for temp housing for 60 days while we waited for our house to be finished. Also paid for my wife and I to come down for a week for house hunting. All the misc expenses I had them pay me lump sum up front instead of submitting receipts. Depending on your wife's profession, you may also get them to offer her a job.
  18. Star Wars Special

    Robot Chicken is airing a Star Wars special Saturday night at 10pm, a whole 1/2 hour. Adult Swim Trailer
  19. I love my Shures, but I may pick these bad boys up for the office. That way it is obvious that I am not listening to my co-workers
  20. The perfect thread

    The poor cannot afford eyes?
  21. NASA Budget - 17,000,000,000 US GDP - 14,000,000,000,000 making my point for me - priceless If you are interested further, Education budget - 67,000,000,000 Military budget - 623,000,000,000 including Irag and Afghanistan appropriation (141B) US Budget
  22. $500M/flight The NASA budget is less than 0.1% of the GDP. Get off your high horse and rally around redirecting funds that matter. One of the few positives of our government, and you would shut it down, for what? a few more troops in Iraq?
  23. The perfect thread

    I am very happy the launch went without a hitch today.
  24. they look great. I went for the smaller Shure E3c Love em