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  1. Seriously, how can this be?

    Another insightful exit poll at the 700 club.
  2. This Dude Murdered A Friend of a Friend

    Having grown up in NY, this has nothing to do with the Mason Dixon line. Stupid people with guns know no boundaries.
  3. As if there were any doubt....

    as if there was ever any doubt
  4. I'm buying two cars

    most definitely No, but I ran into one with my Jeep once. They do not take kindly to steel bumpers.
  5. I'm buying two cars

    We have a Volvo XC-90 as the family truckster and it is very nice. For the price/performance it was a no-brainer. I drive a Jeep Wrangler (97 TJ Sport). Bought it new in 96 and wouldn't trade it for anything. Just turned 120k miles. Volvo and Jeep, good choices.
  6. Hmmm. 68% of Americans are afraid to express their opinion about international politics for fear of retribution.
  7. The Future of Airline Travel

    Net Jets came and made a pitch at my work about a year ago. They are anticipating the NY - Miami corridor to cost ~$250/person for a full passenger load (6 people). So, you could fly from NY to Orlando for a Disney holiday without having to go through airport security, all the transferring BS and such for not much more. What is even better is you fly on your time without restriction. You are right in that this won't help the lower class at all, but for the middle and upper-middle who fly once a year for holiday it will certainly be an option. I have flown on corporate jets before, and gov't private jets, and I will tell you there is no better way to travel. Flying in and out of small terminals is fantastic. It is a whole different experience, you can even bring a bottle of Coke with you!
  8. The Future of Airline Travel

    The next big thing in air travel is air taxis. The price for a family of 4 to travel on the big airlines is outrageous. Companies like Net Jets are looking into very cheap to operate business jets (Eclipse) for personal use. I do not see the big boys lasting more than another 100 years or so as they are. They have to change their price to structure or go back under regulation.
  9. Say something about the huddler above you...

    replies to his own threads
  10. 24

    I was saying "Shoot them all!!!" I like(d) 24, but this season is on par with As the World Turns
  11. I stole from Wal-Mart

  12. Casa D'Ice

    I ain't got time for the written word
  13. Bluetooth Headset

    I've got the H500 and like it a lot, very comfortable. It automatically synchs with my crackberry and PS3
  14. Best Cold Cereal?

    Count Chocula Cookie Crisp Lucky Charms Cocoa Pebbles
  15. Computer Help

    Works great!! Use it at home! at work! trick your friends!! edit: In all seriousness, I have used this program often. Just don't muck with the user account names and you will be fine.
  16. rate of return on ammunition?
  17. Hey pot-heads... keep on toking

    Sweet. So, the heavy drug use in HS is responsible for my PhD and a job as a rocket scientist.
  18. If you like to sleep around, read this

    I thought knowing was half the battle
  19. If you like to sleep around, read this

    Lets say a girl/woman is expected to live to the age of 76, has sex once a week, and starts when she is 16. That is 3120 pokings. Say she starts at 26, that is 2600 pokings. Hmmmm, you are right. If you start having sex later in life you will have less sex. Brilliant! As a father, I teach my children about being responsible for their own actions. Safe (i.e. protected) sex is part of being responsible for yourself. Wrap that
  20. Mac Airport Express Question

    The mini-jack on the AE is also an optical out. If you look into it you can see the light.
  21. Mac Airport Express Question

    Yes, if you run an ethernet cable from your router to the AE then you will get better throughput and less dropouts. You will also get better performance if you run an ethernet cable from your computer to the router as well. You can get this to connect the AE to your stereo. Use the optical out jack on the AE to run the toslink cable to your stereo and let you stereo do the digital to analog conversion (DAC). The DAC in the AE is not that great for sound quality, however, the digital signal it outputs is excellent. The nerdy bit I added at the end is that the digital signal that comes out of the AE has a lot of jitter. Reclocking the signal with a "jitter-box" will improve the sound. You insert it between the AE and your stereo. The best thing you can do for sound quality though is to use lossless compression.
  22. Mac Airport Express Question

    I had mine working with a Linksys router ok, but I eventually just hard wired it because I kept getting dropouts. A better router would probably aleviate it, but the Airport express doesn't really have a strong antenna either. On this rambling note, make sure you are using the optical out on the AE, the sound quality is far better. If you want to get fancy, I also use a monarchy DIP jitter box to clean up the signal before the DAC. night and day difference.
  23. 24

    Indeed, the next two seasons are flashbacks to Jack beginning the fight against the cursed A-rabs in the crusades and bringing down the Nazis, wasn't it Jack who killed the Muslim Hitler for stealing his girlfriend Eva?
  24. a fun game!

    sells detachable