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  1. Good year for stamps

    First Star Wars, then Marvel. Marvel Super Heroes With these 20 colorful stamps, the U.S. Postal Service salutes stars from the world of Marvel Comics. For decades, Super Heroes have been synonymous with the comic book medium. Their adventures have provided an escape from every day life and demonstrate that individuals can make a difference. Comic books aren't simply "kid stuff" — adults have always been among their readers, and the form has attracted its share of serious artists and writers. And Super Heroes have responded to social and political issues from their beginnings.
  2. Cheap High Def DVD

    you betcha, take a loss to install the base, then let the cash roll in "the first hit is free" I will say, gaming and movies in HD is nearly as addictive as the switch from vhs to dvd.
  3. purchasing a new DVD player

    I've had a Denon player for several years now. They have great video DACs. If you want something more future proof, I would recommend a PS3.
  4. Cheap High Def DVD

    for the BD lovers out there, Fry's has been having buy 1 get 1 free on blu ray discs. Blu Ray deals
  5. 24

    Just caught up on the last 4 episodes off the tivo...meh it got to the point where i didn't care if i fast forwarded through the show off the commercials it was just bad, laugh out load bad. when Mrs. Logan stabbed Pres. Logan they jumped the shark.
  6. Our man is going to fry, whether it is by the state or the people. Dude has just been sent to jail for his own protection.
  7. classless in nashville

    the day they left Hartford was the day the ceased to be "my franchise" I've had to revert to rooting for the Red Wings because I grew up going to the Adirondack Red Wings games with my grandparents.
  8. Pay your speeding ticket

    So if I pay myself it's a crime What if I barter for other goods and services?
  9. classless in nashville

    My wife is a SLU grad, so no support there either. and I still have my Kevin Dineen Whalers jersey...some might call that pathetic...
  10. classless in nashville

    Holy crap!!! There is another Clarkson grad on the board???!
  11. Does anyone have a PS3 and Onyko Receiver?

    Yikes! Its a good thing i only use my PS3 for watching movies and playing games. I could be in for big trouble! On the original topic, what firmware are you using for the PS3? Does the Onkyo support HDMI 1.3? If you look at avsforum that has been a lot of issues with Miami Vice and King Kong causing trouble because of copyright software...I do not know the validity of this... If you run the HDMI directly to the TV do you get issues?
  12. Cables for HD TV

    I bought some monster hdmi cables off ebay for $15 total (incl. shipping). they work great
  13. Blu-ray, HD-DVD vs regular DVDs

    I just got a PS3 and I will agree with keg, amazing. The caveat being that I went from an antique DVD player, non-progressive scan, to the PS3. Resistance on-line rocks too.
  14. LOST

    Couldn't agree more. What's even worse, having watched last night's "episode" off the Tivo, it took 30 minutes!!!! You gotta be kidding me, the entire show as 30 minutes long!?!?!?!
  15. Federal Deficit Position Improving Rapidly

    Yes, NASA's budget has gone from less than 1% of the federal budget to much less than 1%.
  16. Ghost Rider

    I was entertained. I don't think I'd watch it again, but the wife and I both thought it was enjoyable for the time we spent. Maybe it was because we had a babysitter
  17. Let's talk about the Metal

    Kill em All Ride the Lightning Master of Puppets
  18. odd question

    do you bite the pillow too?
  19. Any Upstate New Yorkers here?

    I was trying to tell my kids about when the pond would freeze over... <- what they thought of me
  20. odd question

    Mitchum I am always hot, and not overweight for the fat conscious (6-2, 180). All the other deodorant's I've tried suck. Mitchum, the no-smell, no tell deodorant.
  21. Any Upstate New Yorkers here?

    I live in Houston now, but 6 feet would be sweet. Throw the plow on the Jeep and play play play!
  22. @#$%ing freezing!

    Haven't you ever heard of natural selection? What's good for the masses is good enough for you
  23. What can you get for $89.95

    Not as cool as These I tried to finagle work into getting me them awhile ago, but they wouldn't go for it...
  24. YouTube Videos

    Best use of a cat I've ever seen.
  25. So Puddy, loaf and tootie walk into a bar....

    Tootie easily. That girl can PARTY