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  1. My wife is hanging out with Emmitt Smith?

    Is this like "Taking one for the team?" NTTAWWT
  2. Attention Texans

    Yes. Job took me here. I grew up in upstate NY, so it is quite a change. However, it is really not so bad once you get used to it.
  3. Attention Texans

    I live in Houston, what are these open spaces you speak of? Firing ranges?
  4. As for the topic at hand, I don't really have an issue with a volunteer civil corps. If the govt thinks they need my expertise making pirate ships instead of space ships then yo ho!
  5. Best market moves in the past year

    Selling my house in VA and moving to Houston. Investing the proceeds in the EurAsia index (up ~20% since March) Thanks US Govt for keeping the dollar weak.
  6. Interesting fact about Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith

    but aren't both QB's whiter than rice? i want to hear more about this maybe we could have the Cookies N Cream Bowl?
  7. A lot of closed topics

    Can we also get a forum to discuss cookware? I am looking for a new kettle.
  8. Gotta love my area

  9. Iran and US just don't like each other

    I also hope this will be the outcome both here and there. I have a friend who is Iranian that I saw for the first time in several years this past summer. He has gone home to teach and help his own people. A noble cause imo. He said the people are pretty disconnected to what the gobment does and says. Pretty similar to the US. Hopefully we won't go in there planning to oust some random and end up killing a bunch of decent people. Note: Please disregard all that I say. Since the passing of the Patriot Act v2.0, I no longer have the freedom to express my opinion on government policy. Nothing to see here.
  10. I just went to

    It says I am in the 98th percentile for salary. I work for Uncle Sam and could make 1.5-2.0x what I make now in private industry. However, I wouldn't have the perks of where I work now.
  11. Adrian Peterson Declares for the draft

    another year of good coaching and the Texans will have a legit D
  12. Cormac McCarthy's Blood Merridian

    If I recall correctly, the protagonist of Johnny Got His Gun is 17-18
  13. Cormac McCarthy's Blood Merridian

    I recall fondly Johnny Got His Gun The Hobbit Catch 22 The Catcher in the Rye The first is an excellent read.
  14. Chiefs vs. Colts (my homer review)

    The key to the Cheifs loss was Herm was on the sidelines
  15. Mah pants........

    Punch it out!
  16. TimC pickup lines

    Ain't none libaries in virginny
  17. Jeff Garcia article

    WOW He cheated on THIS!
  18. What current song on the radio...

    Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm Cover
  19. I keep torturing myself

    I took my daughter to a Panthers game a couple years ago and now she only roots for the 'Mean Kitties'
  20. Defensive Rookie of The Year

    No, but he was doubled a lot this year. It was very odd watching a Texans defender be doubled.
  21. Defensive Rookie of The Year

    Ryans has been a beast this year, a pleasure to watch on an otherwise painful tour.
  22. This is no good for us Verizon peeps

    I was moving data <exceedingly slowly> in the late 80's early 90's and it sure would've been nice to have something better than 1200 or 2400 if the gods loved you that day.
  23. F'n Insurance Companies

    I have Allstate. They have handled everything we have ever had without hassle. We lost our car in hurricane Isabel a few years ago. Allstate came out, cut us a check for more than I paid for the car, and towed it away. I was completely shocked.