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  1. This is no good for us Verizon peeps

    This I completely disagree with. Prior to the breakup of AT&T they were developing DSL, had plans to lay fiber optic across the nation, and had a roll-out plan for home internet. Hadn't the gobment broken them up, we, the consumer, would have had home internet access decades earlier. The breakup of United Aircraft and several similar companies directly led to the mess we have with the airlines today. UA was revolutionizing air travel, the integration of engine management systems into the cockpit were a reality nearly 60 years ago because of this large company. Breaking a large company for the 'good of the consumer' does not benefit the consumer. The GE's, UTC's, and Microsoft's of the world are still some of the greatest sources of American R&D.
  2. Fantasy Football Trophies

    This is similar to what we have (not as pricey though) We have the HC for regular season and IC for SB champ Awesome at the draft
  3. Anyone have a Cockatiel ?

    such as Christmas... or getting home from work early... or waking up in the morning...
  4. How did you propose to your loved one?

    On one knee in a deserted park. After she said yes it started to hail. married 11 years and counting
  5. WaWaaaaa!

    I've trained the rugrats to shout 'Holy Sheetz!' every time we drive by one. Ahh, it's the small things. Drives my wife nuts.
  6. Write it down

    I am actually pulling for the my sweetuars this week. My hatred for the Pats demands it. edit: gotta love the filters. Go F-a-g-u-a-r-s!
  7. Tom Brady

    Leinart all the way!
  8. Write it down

    Why? are they playing the Texans?
  9. Brands you avoid

    Choosy sheep choose Jeff
  10. Which is the best cell phone service provider?

    I have been happy with T Mobile. I travel overseas a lot, and the nice thing is in Europe you are usually on, or near, a T Mobile network. No roaming!
  11. Netflix Suggestions

    Naked Lunch - Good stuff
  12. HDMI Cables

    Harmony remote will fix the input switching problem. As for the number of cables, at least 2-3 HDMI cables are better than 6-9 component In theory, the HDMI cable should give a better picture since there will be no D/A and A/D conversions.
  13. texan homers

    How about we draft an offensive line first.
  14. Who's traveling out of town for Gobble Day?

    up at the inlaws in beautiful Laurel, MD I don't know how I ever stood living in the North. Can't wait to get back to Tejas! How I miss the sunshine.
  15. PS3

    isn't that PS3 black?
  16. Favorite Christmas CD's

    James Brown Christmas
  17. Firefox extensions

    adblock, of course NoScript rocks I haven't had an ad, pop-up, virus, or spyware in years
  18. Schools for the gifted

    there is one small pocket (at least) of good public ed in tejas (clear creek isd) this was a public service announcement
  19. will the raiders get more than 100yds of total offense?

    I would figure his time at a B&B would make him an expert on hot pockets
  20. Feast or Famine... from Brady?

    I had Brady on the bench last week and started him this week. I fully accept the blame
  21. How Many TV's

    Two One in the family room (42" Sony XBR plasma) One in the guest room (20" Sony tube I've had since college)
  22. Cowboys' flight makes emergency landing

    Does this guy get paid by the word?
  23. Dynasty League Integrity

    I've been to build-a-bear. Full of cheaters and flimflammers.
  24. I'll be repenting to the hit squad in, um, ah, a few minutes.