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  1. Trade Steven Jackson?

    I would not do that trade. ARI still has not addressed the inadequacies at OL. First rule of football: dominate the LOS. JAC is still a RBBC situation, although they do have a favorable schedule to run against. Westbrook is good, but SJax is younger, plays in a softer division, and has the better frame for an NFL #1 RB. Who's D. Williams? You mean the former D. Davis? He's done.
  2. Blockbuster Trade in the Works...

    I think the actions by the DET front office speak for themselves in terms of K. Jones' prognosis: NOT GOOD. With a Lisfranc injury, there are varying degrees. Of course this is the NFL, so we don't know how severe it is. Best case scenario: he's back by the end of preseason. Worst case scenario: PUP list. Best case scenario for T. Bell: Has a huge preseason, and I dish him before our draft-auction for maximal value. Worst case scenario: He gets thrown back into the draft-auction pool. FWIW, Manning's $29 price tag is a reflection of a rule change implemented last year: The Franchise Tag. He was drafted at $24 5 years ago and was at that price b/c of the Franchise Tag. Thank you for your input, BB. I think your insight is a valuable asset to this online community.
  3. Blockbuster Trade in the Works...

    IIRC, you seem to be really big on Cutler. I am to some extent, but I am bigger on this setup: QB P. Manning RB S. Jackson RB M. Jones-Drew vs. QB Cutler (and going after some 2nd tier QB) RB S. Jackson RB L. Maroney There was not going to be a QB available at this year's draft. Palmer, Brady, Brees, Bulger, V. Young, McNabb, Favre, Rivers, Kitna, Leinart were all going to be kept. I wasn't completely sold on Maroney, and I'm not sold on Tatum either. I got maximum trade value out of Manning, and trade bait in Tatum. Of course if Maroney blows up, I'll look like a fool. But Manning is about as close to a lock as their is in FF.
  4. Blockbuster Trade in the Works...

    So I think I got the better of this one... He wanted me to throw in Jay Cutler ($8)...so I asked him for Tatum Bell ($25) since he probably wasn't going to keep him at that price. He took it. Now I'm just waiting for a monstrous pre-season from Tatum...
  5. Blockbuster Trade in the Works...

    Maroney was drafted for $23. MJD was picked up off the waiver wire in Week 2 for $1. In our keeper league, keepers' salaries jump up by $5. So Maroney goes from $23 --> $28 and MJD goes from $1 --> $6. No flex position, it's a simple 7: QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, K. I have offered Maroney for Manning, straight up. Now it's wait and see.
  6. We haven't gone to our draft auction yet. I've got (worth mentioning) Steven Jackson ($35) Laurence Maroney ($28) Marion Barber ($15) Maurice Jones-Drew ($6) He's got... Peyton Manning ($29) Matt Leinart ($8) Tatum Bell ($25) Deuce McAllister ($19) Steve Smith ($21) This is the year IMO he trades Peyton for maximum value and lets Leinart take over for his squad. Would Maroney for Peyton, straight up, be too much? He's not too big on Barber, so we can leave him out of the mix. What about Peyton & Deuce for Maroney & MJD? Thanks.
  7. Sleepers

    In keeper leagues, here are my RB sleepers: 1. Jerious Norwood, ATL Dunn's getting up there, maybe not in mileage, but definitely in years. Petrino's a creative guy on O, and will take advantage of Norwood's excellent speed. 2. Kenny Irons, CIN R. Johnson is getting up both in age and mileage, and C. Perry is now officially a bum. Irons had a great 2005 and was dinged up a bit for 2006, but he is, IMO, one of those guys who should blossom now that football is a full-time thing with regards to training room, diet, exercise, etc. He needed to bulk up, and probably will have put on 3-5 lbs of muscle this year. 3-5 more between '07 and '08, and you're looking at a 2008-09 breakout candidate. Of course, all this gets put into fast forward should Rudi get hurt this year. That is all for now.
  8. Keeper Advice

    Where does one find the ADPs? Or is this something I would actually have to do the legwork on? TIA!
  9. Bronco fans...

    Sounds like a "Keep Him" vote there... Thanks.
  10. Bronco fans...

    Trying to figure out if: A. He'll be a FF #1 QB this year B. If I can throw him back in the draft-auction pool and get him back for less than the cost of keeping him ($8). In my league he's thought of more as a #2 FF QB with upside. C. If I should trade him for Plaxico Burress ($12). This also seems like its going to be a QB light draft-auction. GONE (>80% chance they'll be kept): P. Manning T. Brady C. Palmer D. Brees D. McNabb V. Young P. Rivers Available (Probably): M. Bulger M. Hasselbeck J. Delhomme Thoughts?
  11. SIMTT?

    Thanks for the input. I think I am out-thinking myself. The bigger picture here is: The team with SA (Team SE) is about to trade SA, TJ Housh ($11) & Colston ($6) to (Team MR) for Carson Palmer ($24) and Travis Henry ($6). Team MR is in my division. I think I'd rather see SA in my division as opposed to Palmer/Henry twice a year. If Team SE gets Henry, I'm going to offer him Mike Bell for LenDale White ($16). If Team MR keeps Henry, I'm going to offer him Bell for Vernon Davis ($9). Thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  12. SIMTT?

    My roster of players I'm going to keep and their 2007 salaries: Steven Jackson ($40) Laurence Maroney ($28) Marion Barber III ($15) Mike Bell ($13) Maurice Jones-Drew ($6) I am trying to trade Mike Bell right now to the owner of Travis Henry, but that can wait. Here's my proposed trade: Maroney & Barber for Shaun Alexander ($34) Thoughts FOR: 1. SA is a #1 who just had an injury-plagued 2006. 2. SA plays in a weak division. 3. Seattle has a favorable schedule (ranked #27) 4. I can go into the draft with a backfield of Steven Jackson, Shaun Alexander and MJD. Thoughts AGAINST: 1. There goes the future of my franchise, unless I draft well this year. 2. Is SA on the downslide of his career? 3. No one has proven to be a worthy successor to Steve Hutchinson. Thoughts?
  13. Thoughts on keeper league off-season trade?

    I would like to lock up 2 #1 RBs. I would like to "make my run" this year. Anyways, that deal doesn't look like its going anywhere. Here's the newest one: Mike Bell ($13) for Reggie Wayne ($16) and Jerious Norwood ($6) Thoughts?
  14. My RBs (and their 2007 salaries) Steven Jackson $40 Maurice Jones-Drew $6 Laurence Maroney $28 Mike Bell $13 Marion Barber III $15 He has Shaun Alexander at $34. I've offered Maroney and either Bell or Barber for SA. He wants Maroney and Jones-Drew. Some thoughts: 1. SA is on the decline, IMO. I think that 2005 was the pinnacle of his career. He turns 30 this year and will hit the 2,000 career carry mark. I am treating SA as a mercenary for one-year. If I go into the draft with SJ and SA, I'll be sitting pretty. 2. I think MJD is the future of J-ville and of my squad. I don't think Fred Taylor will get paid like he wants. Thoughts?
  15. Setting up an Auction/Keeper league

    We have been using that format for about 16 years now. Here's our format. 12 Teams 3 Divisions (4 teams per Division) 14 roster spots (IMO, it should be 12 or 13) $150 Salary Draft/Auction is done live with all owners present or communicating via conference phone or representative. Keepers are allowed from year to year, but the keeper's salary increases by $5. So, for example: Carson Palmer was $19 in 2006 in our league, if he's kept the owner will pay $24 for him. Otherwise, he can throw Palmer back into the draft/auction pool. We used to have a franchise tag (keeper whose salary does not increase), but we voted it out of the league about 3 years ago. Free agent pickups are $1. FAs are only allowed if you have a spot open up via injury. Injury means "OUT" or "DOUBTFUL." "QUESTIONABLE" or "PROBABLE" does not warrant a spot on the IR. FA requests are put in starting Monday 10 AM PST through Wednesday 10 PM PST. FA pickups (and subsequent drops) are announced Thursday 10 AM PST. If a player is being requested by multiple teams, then the teams' names are put in a hat, and drawings are done 10 PM PST Thursday night. FA pick ups are allowed until 9:55 AM PST Sunday morning. 3 Division Winners go to the playoffs. 1 Wild Card. #1 overall record vs. #4, #2 vs. #3.