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  1. Thanks

    I feel your pain, I lost super bowl as well with LT, Wayne, Hasselbeck and Westbrook not finding the end zone. Oh well, what can we do accept try again next year
  2. What do you need...

    I am down 33 with Westbrook and the Miami D still to go. LT, Hasselback, and Wayne really let me down yesterday. if Westbrook can get me 2 tds and the Jets play as badly asusual coming off a win, I think I have a shot
  3. Denver D at home against Bengals who can put up points if the conditons are right or Miami D at home against Jets. was leaning towards Miami but weather has me considering Bronco D. Any help
  4. weather concern

    Was all set to go with Driver tonight along with Wayne and Coleston on Sunday. Now looking at tonights weather, thinking about putting Coles in Driver's place. Should I stick with Driver or move him out, what's the consensus. Thanks for the help
  5. super bowl baby

    Thank you for the advice, it was helpful and now it's time for the superbowl. Have Hass against Chargers on road, Bulger vs Skins at home, Campbell on road vs Rams or Grossman in Detroit. Don't know about Grossmans motivation and how much he will go. Definitely going Bulger, need one other QB WR- Coles or Coleston, my other 2 starters are Wayne and Driver
  6. Was all set to roll with Hass tomorrow night and then found out about bad weather as usual in Seattle tomorrow. Was originally planning on going with Hass and Grossman. Any thoughts, should I play Bulger instead of Hasselbeck.
  7. Tough QB decision here, I have Hass going Thursday night vs the Niners at home. My other options are Bulger at Oalkand or Grossman at home vs Tampa. Bulger seems pretty banged up and dont know if Rams have any motivation left. Any advice would help. Thanks again
  8. Need some more valuable advice for the first rd of the playoffs. In the game last night, Jones does well and caps his night with a sweet td run then goes to the bench for Benson. it looks like Benson is now getting a majority of the carries. Any help on who to go with, Jones or Benson QB- Hasselback, Bulger, Grossman RB- LT, Westy, T jONES, bENSON, Jacobs WR- Driver, Wayne, Coleston, Coles TE- Shockey K- Kaeding D -Dolphins
  9. WR decision

    Tough decision with Coles at home vs Texans or Devery Henderson on road against Falcons. At first I liked Coles but reading now that Hall will be matched up with Horn Which gives Henderson a big edge. Any thoughts would be helpful Hasselback, Bulger Tomlinson, Westbrook. TJones Wayne, Driver, Coles, Coleston, Henderson Kaeding Dolphin, Broncos Shockey
  10. WR decision

    Need some help, have Coles in New England without Harrison in the secondary and Coleston on the road in Pittsburgh. I know Coleston is coming off a big week, what do you think. Need to choose 1
  11. wr dilemma

    I know Wayne had a nice game Sunday but faces tough matchup on road against Denver and their secondary. I have to decide between Eric Parker at home against Rams or Wayne on the road. Any help would be appreciated. I have Driver and Coles in my other 2 receiver positions
  12. WR decision

    Hey all, Trying to choose between Driver at Miami and Eric Parker on the road at KC. Have Wayne and Coles at my other 2 receiver positions. Driver has been inconsistent of late and Parker seems to be turning it up. Which direction should I go
  13. QB decision

    Working on a lineup for this week, have Grossman and Hasselback going against one another. I also have Bulger vs Lions in St Louis. I will be using Bulger but stuck on Hasselback or Grossman. Any help would be great. QB- Hasselback, Bulger, Grossman RB- Tomlinson, Westbrook, TJones WR- Wayne, Driver, Coles, Coleston TE- Watson, Shockey D- Falcons
  14. westbrook

    For the second week in a row, Westbrook is making me crazy. Guy hasn't practiced all week. Do my fellow owners of this guy think he can do anything against niners or are people being safe and keeping him on the bench. Is it wise to go with a backup of Gado or Jacobs instead
  15. WDIS

    A couple of decisions to make for Sunday. Bulger on road at Arizona, not promising, or Grossman on the road in Minnesota. Also, with Tomlinson on bye, Westbrook, T Jones in the lineup, deciding on Gado or Jacobs. Any thoughts would help, QB- Hasselbeck, Bulger, Grossman RB- Tomlinson, Westbrook. TJones, Jacobs, Gado, Benson WR- Wayne, Driver, Coles, Coleston TE- Shockey, Watson D- Falcons K- Lindell