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  1. trade offer

    This deal would be an upgrade RB v. RB (IMO) WRs - not sure J Smith can litght it up, but he can also stink it up. I like Moulds better so I would go for this deal. Of course, I am making some assumptions without scoring knowledge.
  2. Prove your FF Knowledge

    Bruce (recently traded in my league) has produced great numbers the last two weeks. I see no reason for his numbers to decrease, but everyone keep talking about Curtis stealing some throws and it could start happening. I like to gamble a little too much so I am leaning towards Cole with the old gamblers thought process: He's due!!
  3. Burress or Lelie

    Sorry - old habit of typing Plex and Steelers - I meant NYG
  4. Burress or Lelie

    Lelie - Monday night guy - could preform big on MNF Plex - Steelers throwing up some crazy numbers and he is getting in the mix
  5. Akers...will he play?

    I had Akers too and I just dropped him - he is not that valuable and there are others perfoming better. I know he is supposed to be a teir 1 Kicker (is there such a thing?), but if you look at the numbers for last year the kicker line is flat (all are the same). IMO - Pick up another
  6. 3-headed qb dilemma

    I forgot Green was Monday night - I always play my Monday night guys
  7. Looking for that extra point

    bump - help a brotha' out
  8. 3-headed qb dilemma

    I agree with the Brooks choice - Expect a decent performance, but hope for the best. Brooks defined the word streaky...
  9. Looking for that extra point

    Can start 2 - the Huddle provided a little insight, but nothing conclusive. I was leaning a little towards Chambers more for the matchup becasue I group these guys together (talent). Thanks for the help..
  10. What to Do, What to do?

    Ditto - Hugh I think you might be over analyizing (predicting an injury).
  11. Going out of town...need to set my lineup early..

    This is a joke right - I would say slight edge to Palmer!! (sarcastic)
  12. pull the trigger?

    You may take a hit QB (I would grabe Penny), but like you said you can play the WW - other than that it looks like a good trade. However, I do think DD performance will improve - he faced 2 tough D's and produced respectable #'s
  13. Curtis Martin....serious or not

    Cu Mar is rubberman - He will heal quick - i would have a backup plan for one week, he will not be out of more than that (if that).
  14. Tatum Bell

    If the injuries happen to the other RB's (and they will) he will be featured - I have Bell too and I equate this to drawing an inside straight. It could happen..
  15. Trade Just Went Down

    I agree - my post may have stated a stronger opionion - he is a solid starter - you can count on not to give you a goose egg.