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  1. Trade advice

    Tough call - I would stick with what youhave - LJ is a good option this week, but Holmes will be back asn stealing carries (if not this week too). The keeper portion is what makes it interesting. However, play for this year - don't do moves in hopes of next year.
  2. Bench McNabb this week

    Any t1 or t2 QB over Mcnabb this week has to be considered - Only my senario (Bulger - BYE) is one where Scabby has to stay in. Just prayin' he doesn't start out like last week...
  3. Trade Advice (RB)

    What do ya'll think (long-term). You can see in my sig that I need RB help, but is FWP the right one? Any thoughts if this is a good trade?
  4. Is it time to deal Eagles players?

    I would agree that Westbrook will get some good numbers. Did you know - Westbrook has as many cathces as Gallaway???? YTD
  5. WR MESS

    Coles with Toomer a strong 2nd
  6. Trade Advice (RB)

    Thanks guys - appreciate the input and opinions
  7. Trade Advice (RB)

  8. Which One To Keep?

    Yeah - Engram was doing well when DJax was playing - so stick with him. More upside potential. But - your double team coverage comment has weight.

    Everything points to SLT using Jackson more. TO is on a sinking ship - do you think he would not play if they were winning? He is depressed and not motivated to play. Go with the hot team/player = Jackson. Anyway - you WR core is great (along with me - we both hope DJax comes back in full force.)
  10. Which WR?

    Purly a matchup suggestion - I think Coles is your best option Also - a healthy QB
  11. Trade Advice (RB)

    Fast Willie Parker
  12. Crazy, I know ....

    I know it is tempting - watch last weeks game was painful. But he did the same thing last year. Went through a few game slump where he couldn't hit Rosie Odonell on a 5 yare out. Stick with him and lets all hope he gets back in form (although minus TO makes me worry).
  13. Should I handcuff my stud..................

    Why not - if you are set with your lineup and you have vulchers in your league then it is a good idea.
  14. Roy Williams

    I haven't heard a lot about Roy - anyone out there have anything/inputs
  15. Roy Williams

    Sharpie, Thankx - I wasn't sure about how long that injury would lingure. Charlie is avaiable - sounds like a good option
  16. Darrell Jackson and Engram?

    Engram for sure DJax - he will return too, but no one know at what %
  17. hakim

    DependsOnHorn'sStatus One Word - right
  18. cbssportsline: Heap in for a bad matchup?

    Ditto - I believe the matchup is why CBS is predicting that more so than the game outcome.
  19. McNabb - Is his season done?

    Next three opponets = @DEN @WAS DAL IMO he will rise to the occasion - still has a health cast of players around him.
  20. McNabb - Is his season done?

    Right Adam - I asked the question and then gave my opinon. I like to hear all angles. Thanks for pointing that out...
  21. Already starting Dominic Fisher v. Bungles Larry v. SD
  22. Gotta Ask Again..

    Don't depart from the hot hand (Brunny) - he faces a questionable secondary. In addition, this game shoulld produce a lot of points. Scabby is deffinatly the gamble here - that could pay off.
  23. Trading Torry Holt a good idea?

    I remember reading that SLT has a very easy schedule the last quarter of the season. I think that once SLT return from their bye week - production will pick up to normal levels. I would hold with what you have - unless you really want to improve you RB senario.
  24. McNabb - Is his season done?

    No opinons on Scabby? Or has this topic been worn out?
  25. WDIS - RB (Fisher or L. Johnson)

    Wow - looks like I should just flip a coin. This thread reads like my decision making: LJ, no Fisher, no LJ....